Because Sundays make me feel like this

I hope you find this as a pleasant surprise.

What's a boyfriend to do to land himself a blogpost all just about him, or even a quick mention?

Nothing. It should come from me, whether it's a good one or a bad one.

As much as I think I'm a hopeless romantic, little things like these that make you happy - I tend to forget to commit for just a good 15minutes. I know you love reading about yourself getting praised / mentioned (don't lie - you so do okay), because I too, scroll down every bit of mention you have of me when I'm in your Facebook. So here's for you, eventhough I wanted my Horeca post below to be on top for at least a day - this is just for you :)

Let's not lie the world. We haven't been spending much time thanks to the new environment we're both in. Casual fights are well... casual.

I don't know what life's heading us to in the next 6 months or so, but I am learning to love someone like you with all heart and soul because every human deserves so. You're a complex person. I am even more. But I love people. I love getting to know people, in all ways possible. You are no exception. You are the person I would like to learn more of.

See when you love, or care about someone so much the best thing to see in that person is growth. My lecturer once told me that love is all about growing together. I used to detest this idea, trying to look at things in a more cynical way I thought love was or rather still is, sacrifice.

This moment - you make me smile. With the way you treat me, the right things you say. That moment you're killing me. With the way life treats us, with what people say.

Now that we're learning alot more about ourselves each day, while I don't expect morning breakfasts every single day, or dinners at Itallianies every weekend, heck even SS2 every night (still craving for the chee cheong fun there) - while some people need to be treated like a princess everynight. I just need a down to earth honest conversation with you. And maybe lemme play with your grey hair (don't kill me).

Thanks for last night. You were an angel!

"When you are around my mum, you have this.... what? what? What do you do when you're around my mum?"
"Erm... I'm a gentleman?"
"Nooooo! Something like that! You have what.... to my mum???"
"Erm... I.. SWEET TALK your mum???"

*burst out laugh*

"Damn dangerous right you."

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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