Monday, May 31, 2010

Because I made Denise slept at 4am and wake up at 6.30am. WOOT!

And I am strangely proud of that.

Last weekend was wicked awesome. The gang and I went to Denise's place for a good swim, and completely lost track of time ended up being extremely late for Yuen's event - she's going to stab me for this.

After that we head down to Klang for a good ol' sleepover.

"I'm so tired, I think this is gonna be a sleeeeeeepover alright."

So we kinda overdid the swim. Next day, woke up for an awesome awesome lunch. PopekAudrey's house lunch was damn good, mmm.

So after lunch I asked the gang, "Should I just wear my massive boyfriend shirt and pajama pants in the car? Since we're heading straight back home?"

Everyone said yes.

....and then Denise's car overheatedlah. Not only did bypassers along Klang highway saw me in PJs, those in Klang Shell Station, Swee Wei's dad and more mechanics saw me in my pyjamas as well.

Of course. That one day I decided to wear my PJs out.

Lesson learned: Never wear pyjamas out. (and always wear bras)

Hennessy Artistry was last Saturday night, and it was awesome. I went there with Denise and Amai at about 10.30PM, and when Denise and I were still at our first glass the boys told us that they were at their 6th or 7th.

I registered as a blogger but a failed one 'cause I left my camera in Amai's car. So I had to use my handy Nokia! (yes, yes please don't complain about the blurry photos)

The view from the VIP / Media section. Awesome ey?

It was my first time actually drinking VSOP that much. I kinda like the mixture of VSOP and Coke, so I kept topping my glass up :P

The free drinks were lined up on tables and everyone was walloping it every now and then. Insane.

Remember about my first glass, and the boys' 6th or 7th glass? Well I was half-right when I thought they'll be doomed.

So I posted up a link on Justin's wall on why we all thought he went home with Joe Flizzow. The fella went missing damn scary can or not.

Next morning he texted us saying that his phone broke into 6. SIX!

The boys dancing to the performers. They're damn cutelah! Everyone was pretty still and like stagnant, they were the only ones dancing to the music and of course I couldn't stand not joining them.

Down, I went!

One of the performer of that night. It's... see through, through and through!

DJs and Mixers of the night. Actually, they were pretty good. I kinda like that night's mix, it sounded a little bit more posh than the usual feng tau.

I could jive to it like yeah.

Hey Colin, I know we're not close enough for me to be doing this to you, but you were so cute that night. Not only did you kept calling me Denise, you started preaching about opening a business that involves doctors and public relations. I mean, that sounded funny but businesses these days are funny.

With your lifestyle, you just leveled up doctors man.

To Denise! Whom I love tremendously, and that I am glad I took you. Sorry I dragged you 'till 4AM but I am so happy you had fun. Like seriously, you deserve a bit of fun every now and then. I can't encourage you to this every week, cause I would die of exhaustion myself, but all I do know is secretly, I do enjoy this hectic schedule at times.

Here's to a taste of it!

To Edmund! Thanks for temaning me take photos and man, you just didn't stop dancing weh.

'Till next year's Hennessy H-Artistry; Cheers for Happy Days!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hennessy H-Artistry V.S.O.P @ Zouk KL this Saturday!

I know I have a lot of events to attend to lately. Best thing is, I have been coughing 'till my throat sores, slightly high-fever, a bit of cold sweat, sneezing countless of times, watery eyes and at one point this week I completely lost my voice. Not that all of these events require compulsory attendance but most of them are work related either, or clients will be there.

*coughs* Well, part of the reason I'm not going anywhere for a non-jolly-good-old holiday is because I got VIP passess to Hennessy Artistry! I thought of going with psycho Veen Dee but she ditched me for Penang :( I don't remember attending any Hennessy before this, so this could be my first, and am excited! WEE!

This picture taken with the besties at Zouk KL last Friday - where the party's gonna be atttt this Saturdayy!

'Till then, do come by and greet me when you see me! I've been trying to catch up with so many people, this could be a good chance :) SEE YOU THERE!

Let's cheers to happy days!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones!

When I first started working, I thought a caplang phone like mine would be... just alright. What happened was, within a month or so, almost all of my colleagues started changing or parading their blackberries. Even, Yuen succumbed to the cult. Strangely, I wasn't sad, nor was I next to jealous.

I have always thought Blackberry is the devil. Heeee (the resounding nos all over the world can be heard). If the world was to be divided to two - I would be siding iPhones especially now with the DG Smart Plan! The amount of games I get to play online..... *drools*, *moves left and right*.

This might look retarded, but I would so dig games like these, and giggle to myself. I love iPhone's games / applications!

I am not the best person to talk about any smart plans because well... I don't have any smartphones to begin with. But I get to see how my colleagues can *snap* and then *upload* photos and tweet them! It's pretty instant, and not only that if you're the kind of person who appreciates to keep yourself up-to-date with all your emails *good sarcasm* - your PDAs, can turn into the ultimate phone! (who needs iPad!?) And get hooked on your phone :( - sad case.

Digi is throwing an exclusive themed party for Digi Angels this Saturday, and I will be there! Themed party!

Below are the details:

Saturday, May 29 2010
6pm - 10pm @ Ecoba Damansara!
Here's the map!

More details, please click this post title :)

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This post is long over due.

I remember promising one of my best friend back in Aussie this. The story of how complicated relationship can get and how mind-screwing it can be.

Every being of my body was disgusted hearing all things spoken. Part of me wanted to fly there and protect her by any means possible, but time prohibits and I could only give my encouragement and promises of virtually and mentally being there for her anytime. Simple enough, at times like these people like her just wants companionship and the right talks to keep her mind back on track. To distinct what’s real, and to forgo what was once.

Why hello friends, life is not that easy.

Used to tell myself that being cynical is merely a state of mind. Though I do partially agree to this, more often than not we are put in a shitty position way too many times to still be rise and shine about a lot of things.

She got back together with the man who not only physically abused her but mortifyingly degraded her by calling her all sorts of names.

My friends, before you judge this amazing soul friend of mine – I could justify with her situation. It was almost impossible to disintegrate yourself completely with the person you thought was everything. The person you woke up with, the person who appreciated your idiosyncracies, the person who used to go through hell with. It was the strangest kind of comfort one could get.

I believe in long term relationships, and I’m not just talking about those bf/gf kind but platonic relationships and also those real friends you met with along the way. But believing in long-term relationships is like going to church every Sunday. Do you have faith in it, or is it just cause it is morally the right thing to do?

Like my wise friend used to say, “Breaking up is easy. It’s moving on that’s fucking hard.”

How true.

She could tell him it was over but his images and all things around her would draw her back to him. Then back to that sick, sick cycle.

What was foreseen, was becoming. Everything about it was just so different. The trust was no longer there. Some feelings are unattended, simply because the nature, quality of relationship was perceived as deteriorating. Some questions are left unanswered, and some answers seem never satisfying.

While most of these intimate problems are things I will never truly know of, truths spoken in other sense. She moved on, emotionally to another person who cared more for her. Heck, was just around her all the time.

Possibly found peace.

There’s nothing absolut about you and I. You are not a sinner, neither are you a saint. You are not smart, neither are you stupid enough. You are both. You would do a random hot chick anytime anyday. You would also be there for your boyfriend or friends for comfort and care – even if you think they could handle things all by themselves. You hold onto a girl just ‘cause everything feels right, but confuses yourself this might just be a phase.

There are times in life you just have to accept that you are both evil sick, yet kind at the same time. And that whatever bullshit of a lecture you used to give your friends or love ones regarding any matter, will along the way change. When the toughest situations will force you to strip all your integrity and fucking eat every damned words you used to believe in.

Like me trying not to be cynical in life, I will not become bitter and deceitful, I will not let lust or immaturity get in the way of anything, I will not become touchy to people’s boyfriends because I particularly hate that in both guys and girls, I will not cry indecently for the world because I hate emo suckers, I will not... *doing the Zen pose*

I will not succumb to hypocrisy because I'm better than that.


Okay emo post done. Here are some photos for all of you. Yeah I must be the randomest person on earth.

This is my crazy intern Dee. I love her, and I really hope our friendship goes beyond this :)

These are the two people I most rarely meet, Amai and Audrey! I really miss Amai because he's been so busy cause he just started working. I could talk to Audrey online, and understood that she's now moved to Singapore. I love and miss you guys tremendously :)

Here's one of the occasion where our internet was down (someone actually kicked the modem) and Yuen, Jestina and I rushed to Starbucks because we were rushing some work off. Tadaaa!

Robin is bisexual. Or gay. I don't know, no one can't seem to tell. Either way, he's really friendly with everyone. Despite him stealing my boyfriend on most occasions (sure merajuk read this) I still love you :)

This was Irene's 21st which was celebrated with grand. Appreciate the invite and we all had awesome fun! Gorilla and I :)

I can only see Amir in this picture. That's all of us having a toast. There is only one thing I'd like to toast to, and one thing only ; Happy days!

That's temperamental monkey Brian. I know he has a crazy anger, and he can be extremely rude at times - but I seem to be able to manage him and I believe he sayang me a lot. He's a man of action rather than words. He doesn't usually say the right things at the right times but he puts a bit of effort in friendship, and an upfront man like him is almost always not likable but he seems to be okay with it.

Okay done for tonight! Tomorrow's Friday!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Because Sundays make me feel like this

I hope you find this as a pleasant surprise.

What's a boyfriend to do to land himself a blogpost all just about him, or even a quick mention?

Nothing. It should come from me, whether it's a good one or a bad one.

As much as I think I'm a hopeless romantic, little things like these that make you happy - I tend to forget to commit for just a good 15minutes. I know you love reading about yourself getting praised / mentioned (don't lie - you so do okay), because I too, scroll down every bit of mention you have of me when I'm in your Facebook. So here's for you, eventhough I wanted my Horeca post below to be on top for at least a day - this is just for you :)

Let's not lie the world. We haven't been spending much time thanks to the new environment we're both in. Casual fights are well... casual.

I don't know what life's heading us to in the next 6 months or so, but I am learning to love someone like you with all heart and soul because every human deserves so. You're a complex person. I am even more. But I love people. I love getting to know people, in all ways possible. You are no exception. You are the person I would like to learn more of.

See when you love, or care about someone so much the best thing to see in that person is growth. My lecturer once told me that love is all about growing together. I used to detest this idea, trying to look at things in a more cynical way I thought love was or rather still is, sacrifice.

This moment - you make me smile. With the way you treat me, the right things you say. That moment you're killing me. With the way life treats us, with what people say.

Now that we're learning alot more about ourselves each day, while I don't expect morning breakfasts every single day, or dinners at Itallianies every weekend, heck even SS2 every night (still craving for the chee cheong fun there) - while some people need to be treated like a princess everynight. I just need a down to earth honest conversation with you. And maybe lemme play with your grey hair (don't kill me).

Thanks for last night. You were an angel!

"When you are around my mum, you have this.... what? what? What do you do when you're around my mum?"
"Erm... I'm a gentleman?"
"Nooooo! Something like that! You have what.... to my mum???"
"Erm... I.. SWEET TALK your mum???"

*burst out laugh*

"Damn dangerous right you."

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Horeca : Wonderland Party @ 7atenine

We swore not to get lost.

Well we kinda didn't until we reached KL, and was turning in circles figuring out where the hell that bar was. Until we reached at one point; and insisted that 7atenine was somewhere there.

Red traffic light - Sigh. How do you say this... jaaaattee.

*completely ignoring Dee*

WTF. Look at the name of this bar.
What, what!
7atenine is right infront of us.
Ohhh. Was asking you just now what the bar's called! I thought the 7 was J! Like Jateynine.

This post is half-dedicated to you psycho.

I love this photo of you because it reminds me of how cute you are. I especially love it when you tell me these crazy weird stories and give me those crazy eyes look.

Last Thursday was Horeca's Wonderland Themed Party at 7atenine. Was invited by Yuen and though I reached there quite late, I was happy enough to get meself a glass of cocktail (Wonderhill - Bacardi and apple).

Horeca's a School of Bartending / Mixology by the way :) Check out the female nuffies, and my huge bow!

Some of us managed to get tons of drink coupons thanks to Huai Bin! Think I've found the new Daddy Alcohol. He made sure everyone of us had our cocktails and he was drinking some strong hard liquor himself. Forgot what it was. I remembered I wasn't a fan of it.

7atenine seems like a cool bar. Was my first time there that night, and thought the open air environment seems pretty chilling.

My Wonder Hill! I forgot who took a photo of me this upclose can see everything. Sigh. Now you know I don't Photoshop my photos wan.

Then these two monkeys came! Thank you thank you! I know I can always count on you two for events. Always come for free stuffs wan. He he he. Yaya, I kinda looked annoyed here.

Flashes every second, cause I was taking a lot of photos. Then Kerry was like,

"That's such a blogger thing to do."

Actually, I'm usually not that snappy of photos but particularly that night I felt like snapping away every damned thing. I don't know O.O

Two of my senior colleagues that taught most of the operations that I'm doing today. Thank you Michelle and Karen :)

After the Wonderland event, Kerry, Sway and I wanted to do some more hang-out and possibly dancing action. Was already feeling beyond guilty leaving Dee :(

Went to Poppy to get some drinks and realised that the club was empty. There were a couple of ah bengs dancing on the dancefloor lah, but we thought it was rather pathetic to join them on such an empty dancefloor. So we decided to go to... ZOUK!

NOT COOL. I looked like a misplaced kindergarten teacher in the club -__________-

That was already 12something, reached home late and only slept at about 3AM, then woke up at 7AM somemore. WEEEE.

No rest for the wicked I tell you.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's do the oldies' cartoon

Was talking to Amir and now that Ms Emo has all gone down the drain, I wish for three simple things. I'm not a drama queen and nothing hard and extravagant for this simple person;

1. Marathon of the yesteryears' cartoon - Hey Arnold, Pepper Ann, Recess, Johnny Bravo.

2. A simple conversation with the person I love, or you. Maybe a pose or two.

3. Churros (omg kan Jessy remember Sea World?) or a good ol' Sloppy Cheezy Wedges.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gloria Gaynor - I will survive

I love Dara and Candice, last night made me stronger than ever. They needed my two cents, I needed theirs.

While everyone celebrates with the most amazing person in the world today, that's you superwoman - I love you tremendously, thank you for believing in this irresponsible hopeless cause, you never gave up on me :

I will be at Subang Parade volunteering for Justin and his friends from Project Epic to encourage youths to become a registered voter. Come see me if you're around :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Exhibit A : Work Stress

I'm not the psychomaniac behind this horror MSN; a friend from another company

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Say hello to my best friends:

The ones that I've been clinging onto for the past four years.

The ones that I love and did not ditch throughout for the past four years, eventhough I've met new ones. Merging friends is good, we should all be friends. Pun intended.

The ones that I stole these pictures from.

The ones who take pictures of every little thing, or record them in videos 'cause we're precious like that.

The ones that I go on awesome trips with. Think swimming in an intoxicated ocean together, think gotten kicked on the face.

The ones who are never shy enough to dance vigorously with, or without alcohol.

All of these pictures are from Audrey, that smoking hot girl in bright orange tank top who went up to the podium for a free tequila shot.

...and gone after that.

There are those of my best friends who are not wild enough to do something like that. Or, drunk enough. Like mummy Denise; who bakes awesome cakes on all occasions. *licks lips*

Then there's Kerry who encourages us (her little minions) to do things like these:

And to those who are like that, with or without encouragement nor when under the influence of alcohol.

Now that we're all working and getting tied down to all kinds of responsibility; I can still feel the youth in all of us that we love too much, and the comfort we find in each other's company. We are not as happening as before anymore, in fact leaving the club at 3am for me was already quite late.

...but times like these make me happy!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.