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Because I made Denise slept at 4am and wake up at 6.30am. WOOT!

And I am strangely proud of that.
Last weekend was wicked awesome. The gang and I went to Denise's place for a good swim, and completely lost track of time ended up being extremely late for Yuen's event - she's going to stab me for this.
After that we head down to Klang for a good ol' sleepover.
"I'm so tired, I think this is gonna be a sleeeeeeepover alright."
So we kinda overdid the swim. Next day, woke up for an awesome awesome lunch. PopekAudrey's house lunch was damn good, mmm.
So after lunch I asked the gang, "Should I just wear my massive boyfriend shirt and pajama pants in the car? Since we're heading straight back home?"
Everyone said yes.
....and then Denise's car overheatedlah. Not only did bypassers along Klang highway saw me in PJs, those in Klang Shell Station, Swee Wei's dad and more mechanics saw me in my pyjamas as well.
Of course. That one day I decided to wear my PJs out.
Lesson learned: Never wear pyjamas out.…

Hennessy H-Artistry V.S.O.P @ Zouk KL this Saturday!

I know I have a lot of events to attend to lately. Best thing is, I have been coughing 'till my throat sores, slightly high-fever, a bit of cold sweat, sneezing countless of times, watery eyes and at one point this week I completely lost my voice. Not that all of these events require compulsory attendance but most of them are work related either, or clients will be there.
*coughs* Well, part of the reason I'm not going anywhere for a non-jolly-good-old holiday is because I got VIP passess to Hennessy Artistry! I thought of going with psycho Veen Dee but she ditched me for Penang :( I don't remember attending any Hennessy before this, so this could be my first, and am excited! WEE!
This picture taken with the besties at Zouk KL last Friday - where the party's gonna be atttt this Saturdayy!

'Till then, do come by and greet me when you see me! I've been trying to catch up with so many people, this could be a good chance :) SEE YOU THERE!
Let's cheers to happy day…

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones!

When I first started working, I thought a caplang phone like mine would be... just alright. What happened was, within a month or so, almost all of my colleagues started changing or parading their blackberries. Even, Yuen succumbed to the cult. Strangely, I wasn't sad, nor was I next to jealous.

I have always thought Blackberry is the devil. Heeee (the resounding nos all over the world can be heard). If the world was to be divided to two - I would be siding iPhones especially now with the DG Smart Plan! The amount of games I get to play online..... *drools*, *moves left and right*.
This might look retarded, but I would so dig games like these, and giggle to myself. I love iPhone's games / applications!

I am not the best person to talk about any smart plans because well... I don't have any smartphones to begin with. But I get to see how my colleagues can *snap* and then *upload* photos and tweet them! It's pretty instant, and not only that if you're the kind of person…


This post is long over due. I remember promising one of my best friend back in Aussie this. The story of how complicated relationship can get and how mind-screwing it can be. Every being of my body was disgusted hearing all things spoken. Part of me wanted to fly there and protect her by any means possible, but time prohibits and I could only give my encouragement and promises of virtually and mentally being there for her anytime. Simple enough, at times like these people like her just wants companionship and the right talks to keep her mind back on track. To distinct what’s real, and to forgo what was once. Why hello friends, life is not that easy. Used to tell myself that being cynical is merely a state of mind. Though I do partially agree to this, more often than not we are put in a shitty position way too many times to still be rise and shine about a lot of things. She got back together with the man who not only physically abused her but mortifyingly degraded her by calling her al…

Because Sundays make me feel like this

I hope you find this as a pleasant surprise.
What's a boyfriend to do to land himself a blogpost all just about him, or even a quick mention?
Nothing. It should come from me, whether it's a good one or a bad one.
As much as I think I'm a hopeless romantic, little things like these that make you happy - I tend to forget to commit for just a good 15minutes. I know you love reading about yourself getting praised / mentioned (don't lie - you so do okay), because I too, scroll down every bit of mention you have of me when I'm in your Facebook. So here's for you, eventhough I wanted my Horeca post below to be on top for at least a day - this is just for you :)

Let's not lie the world. We haven't been spending much time thanks to the new environment we're both in. Casual fights are well... casual.
I don't know what life's heading us to in the next 6 months or so, but I am learning to love someone like you with all heart and soul because every human des…

Horeca : Wonderland Party @ 7atenine

We swore not to get lost.
Well we kinda didn't until we reached KL, and was turning in circles figuring out where the hell that bar was. Until we reached at one point; and insisted that 7atenine was somewhere there.
Red traffic light - Sigh. How do you say this... jaaaattee.
*completely ignoring Dee*
WTF. Look at the name of this bar. What, what! 7atenine is right infront of us. Ohhh. Was asking you just now what the bar's called! I thought the 7 was J! Like Jateynine. -____________-
This post is half-dedicated to you psycho.

I love this photo of you because it reminds me of how cute you are. I especially love it when you tell me these crazy weird stories and give me those crazy eyes look.
Last Thursday was Horeca's Wonderland Themed Party at 7atenine. Was invited by Yuen and though I reached there quite late, I was happy enough to get meself a glass of cocktail (Wonderhill - Bacardi and apple).
Horeca's a School of Bartending / Mixology by the way :) Check out the fem…

Let's do the oldies' cartoon

Was talking to Amir and now that Ms Emo has all gone down the drain, I wish for three simple things. I'm not a drama queen and nothing hard and extravagant for this simple person;
1. Marathon of the yesteryears' cartoon - Hey Arnold, Pepper Ann, Recess, Johnny Bravo.

2. A simple conversation with the person I love, or you. Maybe a pose or two.
3. Churros (omg kan Jessy remember Sea World?) or a good ol' Sloppy Cheezy Wedges.
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Gloria Gaynor - I will survive

I love Dara and Candice, last night made me stronger than ever. They needed my two cents, I needed theirs.
While everyone celebrates with the most amazing person in the world today, that's you superwoman - I love you tremendously, thank you for believing in this irresponsible hopeless cause, you never gave up on me :

I will be at Subang Parade volunteering for Justin and his friends from Project Epic to encourage youths to become a registered voter. Come see me if you're around :)

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Exhibit A : Work Stress

I'm not the psychomaniac behind this horror MSN; a friend from another company

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Say hello to my best friends:

The ones that I've been clinging onto for the past four years.
The ones that I love and did not ditch throughout for the past four years, eventhough I've met new ones. Merging friends is good, we should all be friends. Pun intended.
The ones that I stole these pictures from.
The ones who take pictures of every little thing, or record them in videos 'cause we're precious like that.
The ones that I go on awesome trips with. Think swimming in an intoxicated ocean together, think gotten kicked on the face.
The ones who are never shy enough to dance vigorously with, or without alcohol.

All of these pictures are from Audrey, that smoking hot girl in bright orange tank top who went up to the podium for a free tequila shot.
...and gone after that.

There are those of my best friends who are not wild enough to do something like that. Or, drunk enough. Like mummy Denise; who bakes awesome cakes on all occasions. *licks lips*

Then there's Kerry who encourages us (her little mini…