How was your weekend?

That's me.

and yes, that's my first time as a bridesmaid. That's my pretty cousin Dodo :)

I'm not entirely sure of Islam's wedding tradition nor custom so I was more than happy to be given this privilege to learn more about it. I had so much fun being the bridesmaid, 'taking care' of one of my closest cousin was more of an honorable humbling experience if anything.

Congratulations love!

Oh surprise surprise (no really this might come as a surprise) today I registered myself as a legal Malaysian voter. I'm now eligible to participate in any general election or by-elections. I am pretty sure, loads of nos and whats are resonating all over the world because most of you liberalised, modernised friends of mine lost faith in any form of Malaysian governance. Fact is, I do have my own reasons :)

That shouldn't be the case. If America is commercializing voting, so should we and keep hoping.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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