Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day!

Eyes on the road.

Make sure you'll be home safe and sound. I wish you an awesome celebration with your huge extended family, if not with your loved ones wherever you are. Chinese New Year is a time for home-cooked meals if not, indulge in some serious awesome Chinese food, social gambling and loads of yum chau. You know what, do yourself a favour - just be Chinese and go Chinesey during the New Years celebration will ya!

Special shout out to my Chinese best of friends back in Australia, Jifai, Justin, Amai, Ah Sam, Carmen, Li Ming, Chee Hang (who else didn't I mention?) who's there to celebrate just among themselves - you guys should cook some Malaysian Chinese food and full-force speak Chinese or something! :)

For those who celebrate the love day for any reason, Happy Valentine's Day! May the romance doesn't last just that day itself but for the rest of years! It really isn't just with your partner, it can be celebrated with anyone! If someone hasn't told you yet, love you! :)

Sorry for the lack of personal rantings, I just started working about a week ago and am trying to adapt to the new biological clock. It's been really great so far, am really really happy! But before that;

I NEED TO CHANGE MY PLAYLIST. Waiting in the LRT half asleep with Damien Rice and Amy Winehouse to start off your day is like downright depressing. WTF.

Below are some of the photos of my colleagues from Yuen's camera, say hello to them!

The other three new introduction to the team! Too cute <3

Happy happy joy joy! That smile my friend, is sincere!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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