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Writing from a New Place

Surprisingly, I slept really well last night. Must be the tiredness. I'm feeling much better today with what all the stress and headaches haunting me.
Long weekend will be over, work tomorrow.
Students, enjoy your universities and colleges damnit. I may sound bitter, but I thoroughly envy you :(
I was looking through my old Aussie photos, and crap I miss the Adelaide gang. I miss how we were with each other, and how we used to be. Love!
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Fat sigh

Listening to - The Beatles Here Comes the Sun
Bright lights. Ambitious heartbeats. Commute trains.
I am struggling with a lot that's going in life, and truthfully I'm waiting to reach that stable point in life where all I can do is see the days go by and sip tea while I'm at it. I am at the point where I'm desperate for a lot of reasons in life. Days can be the best, but it can grab-hold of all my positive spirit and throw it out the window just like that. This, I've experienced.
And it sucks.
I'm moving into a new place with a bunch of really nice Chinese (real mainland China) and I'm excited what this would bring to me. They're a bunch of humble Chinese people (not to mention clean) and I can't wait to live with them! This would be an exciting chapter of my life :)
I've been working at this place for about a month now and it's all good. Of course there are times where I'd like to slam my head on the wall for making these stupid petty mist…

Awesome week ahead

Recently, I've discovered new things that are therapeutic for me.
1. Hand-washing a pile of clothes
2. Talking to my boyfriend's brother - Nolen. Natural comedian and he doesn't know it.
3. Newly washed hair being air-dryed.
4. And Lily Allen's Fuck You - I don't knowlah the melody is so catchy and sometimes screaming out that two cursed words to the air feels so convenient.
I have quite a number of things lined up for next week, and I'm thrilled. Happy Weekend everyone! And oh!
I've bought tickets to Melbourne and Adelaide! I AM SO EXCITED!
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Why we must take everything seriously

I got my namecard the other day with my own tag line! Woot! But, but, but...
It has now officially become an ice-breaker or moreso a kick-start joke. It states there;
"Work hard, Pray harder".
It was a typo hallo. But not bad also come to think about it. It's just my clients or people I meet will now think I'm a religious freak.

Oh well! :)
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day!

Eyes on the road.
Make sure you'll be home safe and sound. I wish you an awesome celebration with your huge extended family, if not with your loved ones wherever you are. Chinese New Year is a time for home-cooked meals if not, indulge in some serious awesome Chinese food, social gambling and loads of yum chau. You know what, do yourself a favour - just be Chinese and go Chinesey during the New Years celebration will ya!
Special shout out to my Chinese best of friends back in Australia, Jifai, Justin, Amai, Ah Sam, Carmen, Li Ming, Chee Hang (who else didn't I mention?) who's there to celebrate just among themselves - you guys should cook some Malaysian Chinese food and full-force speak Chinese or something! :)
For those who celebrate the love day for any reason, Happy Valentine's Day! May the romance doesn't last just that day itself but for the rest of years! It really isn't just with your partner, it can be celebrated with anyone! If someone hasn't told…

My Dream in the Year of Tiger

This year, I will run for money. Specifically, this Saturday I will run for
RM8, 8888 (no seriously, you'll be chequed as such), I can't wait to count my ringgits away if I win it. Want to run for some ka-ching as well? Click here for more details.

Here goes;

I aspire to make theater as my sideline. I don't know how I'll do it, but I'm hoping through knocking the right doors, this dream will become more realistic each day.

I don't aim to be Shakespeare overnight. Yes, I know it takes more than good grammar and good attitude for this. Some manipulative literary skills are (for some reason) sure winner. Something about not being able to read the obviousness of the plays intrigues/excites people.

It seems like the weirder the play is, the greater the response. Think Phantom of the Opera.

I am going to work my way around theater and be involved in theatrical writing in whichever way possible. Like, writing a sentence or two perhaps? Shove it to some emails and hopefully …

How was your weekend?

That's me.
and yes, that's my first time as a bridesmaid. That's my pretty cousin Dodo :)
I'm not entirely sure of Islam's wedding tradition nor custom so I was more than happy to be given this privilege to learn more about it. I had so much fun being the bridesmaid, 'taking care' of one of my closest cousin was more of an honorable humbling experience if anything.
Congratulations love!
Oh surprise surprise (no really this might come as a surprise) today I registered myself as a legal Malaysian voter. I'm now eligible to participate in any general election or by-elections. I am pretty sure, loads of nos and whats are resonating all over the world because most of you liberalised, modernised friends of mine lost faith in any form of Malaysian governance. Fact is, I do have my own reasons :)
That shouldn't be the case. If America is commercializing voting, so should we and keep hoping.
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.