I don't usually write anything political, but when lives are at risk, it's hard to ignore; I need to speak up.

Violence - never was, never is and never will be the answer. Please, please, please (call me begging if you want) but fellow Malaysians, do not resort to violence for religions' sake. To the rest, let's do not retaliate. We are greater than that.

If you're a proactive reader, please help me put some sense into other people's head that this is not the right way; by talking about it, telling everyone about it and discussing it.

Thank you, you're a big help.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
Why can't people be civil? My maid who is a Catholic was talking with me about this in the car today, and she was saying that even in Indonesia it's the same, and she thought she could escape the violence by coming here.

Must they resort to violence? Even if they're displeased they don't have to hurt others.
Behonce said…
The nation needs us. And we have to be heard.
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Itomaki: Violence never solves anything, it makes the already stressful racial tension worst. Sigh.

Behonce: Yeah, we need to be a good citizen blogger :)

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