Has it been only a week?

Drill #1.

Look good. Use common-sense for discussion. Do not over-promise, nor show signs of timid.

Drill #2.

Look good. Smile, ensure compatibility between you and that place. Be receptive of positions transition. Do not over-promise nor show signs of timid.

Drill #3.

Be very attentive of what to expect. Do not show signs of fearfulness. You are brand new. Be ready to accept any insane challenges.

Drill #4, next week, and I have yet to confirm my attendance. Tomorrow's it.

That's half of what has happened in my previous week.

While the other half is searching for a place to stay. A good one, with the appropriate size of space, with nice people around, and most importantly, the best of location. So we searched high and low, left right, far and near. So far, it has been good.

I'm confirmed with one place to stay.

Like I mentioned in Twitter, last week was almost too psychotic for me. Why? I'm put in a position to decide everything on my own. Every. Thing. Like, where do I go, what do I do, what should I do. How much. Independent is a whole new word. Even catching up with friends took another part of the week, and probably among the things that keeps me sane.

All of these in a week, I wasn't even given a chance to settle down, unpack.

Thanks everyone who has helped. Advises, love, encouragement. Besides the man who has helped me so much, and not complain once, you're awesome big guy.

Thank you.
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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