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Ho ho ho!

I'm starting work next week!
Besides flipping burgers, twirling soft creams, and I-would-say-a-rather forgivable-absent-minded-actions internship experiences, this will be my first job ever. With a proper position title.
So I shall throw that lazybug out of the window that has been drugging me to sleep 'till up to 13 hours at max, God knows where I get those energy... to sleep from, and sleep, and sleep, and show appreciation towards official system, mind-brewing daily activities, and intellectual conversations between generations.
Okay, I just made it sound like I'm working in Avatar's Pandora.
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Has it been only a week?

Drill #1.
Look good. Use common-sense for discussion. Do not over-promise, nor show signs of timid.
Drill #2.
Look good. Smile, ensure compatibility between you and that place. Be receptive of positions transition. Do not over-promise nor show signs of timid.
Drill #3.
Be very attentive of what to expect. Do not show signs of fearfulness. You are brand new. Be ready to accept any insane challenges.
Drill #4, next week, and I have yet to confirm my attendance. Tomorrow's it.
That's half of what has happened in my previous week.
While the other half is searching for a place to stay. A good one, with the appropriate size of space, with nice people around, and most importantly, the best of location. So we searched high and low, left right, far and near. So far, it has been good.
I'm confirmed with one place to stay.
Like I mentioned in Twitter, last week was almost too psychotic for me. Why? I'm put in a position to decide everything on my own. Every. Thing. Like, where do …


That's all I need, brother from up there!
& this. THIS.
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Beyond golds & millions of friends

Listening to John Mayer - Who Says
It's about time I update. Hands been itching to share with you so many things, but time has showed no mercy to me. I've been sleeping late, waking up late, from doing absolutely nothing, to juggling between four things to attend to at one time. Why four? I don't know.
Self doesn't seem to enjoy this. I like being busy. Consistently? Not really. But something productive always makes me feel useful, important. Perhaps, better when I sleep at night.
Sorry for not informing some of you that I'm in KK. It's been a blessing to have stumbled upon some of you guys in malls, restaurants and in church. Why all of us have grown up! I swear if I were to walk around aimlessly and not greeted you (even though I passed right in-freaking-front of you) I'm sorry. I'm "physically" challenged. I can't really see, and because I am too lazy to wear my glasses I tend to depend on my sister to identify my friends nearby. So please…


I don't usually write anything political, but when lives are at risk, it's hard to ignore; I need to speak up.
Violence - never was, never is and never will be the answer. Please, please, please (call me begging if you want) but fellow Malaysians, do not resort to violence for religions' sake. To the rest, let's do not retaliate. We are greater than that.
If you're a proactive reader, please help me put some sense into other people's head that this is not the right way; by talking about it, telling everyone about it and discussing it.
Thank you, you're a big help.
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Recap 2009

Was thinking of using pictures to assist me with the story telling, but eventually decided not to because thought writing everything down feels a lot more natural, easier too.
Bear with me, this will be the longest post, ultimate grandma story recap 2009. Before I begin, I want to show you how cute my mum is. She wrote down a list of what to do for New Years celebration.
6th instruction - do not disappear. HAHA. She knew us too well.

Previous years, I've written down the going ons by month, this time around things will be organised as similar, in sequence but without the monthly labels. This time, you'd actually have to read. Sorry visual creatures.
Here goes;
Most of you know that 2009 for me was distinctively divided to two fractions. The first 6 months, and the second - Aussie. 2009 was an awesome year. When I look back and think of all the things that I've shared and learned in return, I would be infront of my computer the whole night figuring out the right words to sa…