Victor Harbour 2009

Before I begin, I'd like to credit Yuen for some of the photos uploaded here :)

Last week the gang went to Victor Harbour, which is about two hours (plus minus) drive from the city. We spent 3 days, 2 nights there and oh! the house is real comfy! Some of the boys crashed on the couch, while the others slept on the bed.

I'm not sure what this place is called, but the view is amazing. It's on the way to Victor Harbour. I find absolute peace in looking at this massive blue stretch, it's so relaxing. Jeff did most of the organizing, the other two boys did most of the driving while Amai, did most of the entertaining :)

One random fact about Amai: his nose is soft. Yeah, damn random right. But really it's such a discovery! We've been touching his nose for the past few days.

Here's Sam and Justin :)

On that night we reached, we decided to watch a scary movie; Paranormal Activity. After much convincing and persuading, baby Justin and "brave" Sam finally agreed to watch it. Only... to find out that the movie was not only draggy, but wasn't scary at all. Like, at all. Quote Audrey, the table that kept making weird noises next to Rubee was scarier than anything happened in the movie. There was no climatic tension or build-up, it was really hard for us keep up. But don't take my word for it, because apparently this movie was the older version (which was a flop) so, it might not sync with the one that is playing in the cinemas.

Here's the gang excited, when Mas was still awake, for nothing :(

ps. Jeff was reading Mills & Boons. Habis, kantoi.

Sorry for the scattered pictures, the picture below was taken in Rosemount, one of the vineyard that we visited. The rest seem to really like Rosemount and managed to buy a couple of bottles. I like the visiting the vineyards, the offices because they have really nice paintings. I can just lepak there and look at the paintings, it's so artsy fartsy.

These are the four most disgusting, action, loud, naughty, cheeky, flirty, four boys I've ever met, and the fact that they always come in package makes all the things I've said about them a million times amplified.

But, I love you guys. Thanks for making my last 3 months in Adelaide extra loved.

Here's another picture from the same view as Sam and Justin's just now. But heh, focus on us :) All of us were wearing Converse, and they helped themselves in dirtying my brand new one. Yes, the theory of the dirtier your Converse is the nicer it looks is now applied to mine as well.
The hardest person to tell a story to. Usually interrupts you with some weird funny comment and statement, then people cannot continue ready. The person who took "How ah" to a whole new level, now everyone's doing it to everyone, thanks to you. Our driver Jossstin! I know you're a bad friend, thanks for the heads up, I will look for you don't worry. You're lucky I treasure friendship, if not I wouldn't care less either. *pokes*

Second night, we went Penguin Watching! They were so adorable, I actually told Audrey I felt like strangling them! They're that adorable! Opposite from the penguins we see a lot on Happy Feet or American Discovery channels, these penguins are really really small. Jeff said, Australia probably has the smallest penguins in the world. Okay, that sounded funny. Australian penguins are among the smallest in the world. Yeah, better.

See how puny they are.

Second day was beach day. Omg. Damn awesome. As you all know, I can be so spastic and drama when I'm excited and the waves were amazing. Really. I had tons of fun, I swear if I could stay all day playing with the waves, I friggin' would. I'm not too sure what you call it, but the current (I assume) of the sea water, was pretty strong to the point it was sort of dangerous. I fell so many times, there was a point I struggled to stay afloat. The waves were literally pushing us to the shore. It was crazy fun.

But cannot beat the sun bathing with Rubee. That was a million times more relaxing.

Second night, (again sorry for the scattered pictures) was barbequeeeee! This was before penguin mind you :) The boys did an awesome job putting up the fire, marinating the meat and barbequeing some of them. Carmen, Yuen and Rubee (fail, for not bring license, apa raaah) got some beer for the rest :)

I'm not sure when was this, I think it was after Cranium that we went stars gazing! Eh damn awesome can or not, damn cute see Amai, Cindy and Mas spazzy when saw the shooting stars. Thanks Jeff for taking this pic :)

This was the Cranium game we talked about. The bet was the two losing teams will have to sing Negaraku infront of KFC Victor Harbour. Well, Yuen and I were in Amai's team and we won! Heeeeeeee. Carmen, Audrey, Justin, Sam, Rubee and Jeffrey had to do the singing :) It's okaylah, once a while lah kan. I think the video is on Facebook.

Here's a barbeque picture. Not the best, but you get the picture la k :)
Look at the awesome waves! This was on the third day (day of departure) when Audrey, Mas and I decided to wake up extra early (despite sleeping at 5am that night before) to spend the morning in the sea and it was, as they say, heaps fun! I personally think it was the best waves I've ever experienced in my entire life. If I could I would learn surfboarding, but I've yet tame the sea and waves, so one step at a time lah :)

Victor Harbour was so much fun. I couldn't have asked for a better company, for a better set of people to experience Victor Harbour with. I love every bit of it. The spider scare, the Aaravan moment, Paranormal Activity, the mini swing, everything. You know when parents tell you their university stories and the awesome people they met?

You guys are my uni story.

I love you. Keep in touch okay :)

We part only to meet again.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Yuenny said…
jacqkie why la you make me cry. we are your uni story. T____T

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