3 things I must tell you before I forget them.

1. God willing, I wish to have four kids.

I hope this doesn't scare anyone (especially you Shrek), I never really mind before this, until I realised how even numbered families can be so practical at times. I wouldn't call it 'suffer', but I did have mid-child issues when growing up. As a result, I'm evidently a lot more different from my two siblings. Today in bus, I saw a family with 4 children. They were in 3 pairs, and it was so soothing to see one child is taken care of by another, made me happy can remember till now, I'd like that :)

2. Kids have hangovers too. From themeparks.

I was telling mum today that when adults had a wild night out and don't remember what really happened the next day, well kids have it too. From themeparks. First they get high on coke, candy floss and popcorn. Then, they say yes to all the rides they see moving. Or splashing. Usually end up crying or confused with the ride. Third, they get face paintings and temporary tattoos. Walao, this one serious case edi. Lastly, they crash almost immediately when they reach home.

Next morning, don't know what happened until see pictures. Still unsure. But want more of those days.

3. My sister is pretty.

And she doesn't know it. She beams like the sun, and sparkles like the stars. She's so humble, I wish to have her humility and innocence at times. I do. I'd keep it in my pocket to keep me grounded once in a while :)

I'm still in Gold Coast. Swam under the stars (It's so pretty, I like) and tried jacuzzi, frankly my first time ever, and fell for it. I don't usually enjoy this kind of luxury, so I'm super thankful.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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