Room is shit messy.

Books are everywhere, pony lying on the floor. I have been so busy the past week that I don't even have time to clean up my room. I swear it's probably going to last this way till I leave.

Today marks the day I pass up my last assignment for Degree, like Audrey, I didn't feel as liberated as I thought I would be. I'm still trying to figure out why.

Okay, I told myself that this post will not be as emotional as before. Not trying to be indenial lah, but the more I think about it, the more I'll miss everything. Even before leaving, it's depressing. So anyway, today was a good day. Had a date with Cindy, I've missed her so much since she has been staying back home (it's like sauna by the way) for assignment the past week.

Cindy: I look like a construction worker at home.
Me: ?!?!
Cindy: I've been baluting my head and neck with cold towel. Now I understand them, it's really cooling.
Me: *eureka moment* Woooooooo really arh.

Informative conversation ever.

Dinner was with Jenhan and the group for his birthday. Funny thing is, someone who came to his show in Malaysia actually recognized him when we went to the bar. I was quite surprised but dude, I'm so proud of you :) This boy ah, he wanted everyone to bring Farmers Union Iced Coffees because he loved it so much, and you know what, let pictures tell you the storylah.

If you've seen some of my photos as well, you'd prolly recognise a disturbing pattern of my poses. Err, I don't even know whether I should call it a pose. Even the girls have been complaining of me ruining their pictures. HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm such a rascal what to do lah.

Too much tongue no?

Sway: HOLY SHIT. I just saw your licking beer glass photo.
Me: I know, damn disturbing right.
Sway: Not that, I never notice your tongue damn long wei!
Me: -______-

Conversations aside, I have to tell you one depressing story. Mum said she's not going to give me much money anymore until I see her in Gold Coast next month. She said no shopping, and no berjoli so much. Okay, no shopping I can tahan but the latter... maybe not. So, since I don't have much summer clothes (I'm not kidding), I've decided to improvise my clothes. In fact, I cut (yes, gunting) some of them to shorts and shorter sleeves. Serious shit.

Sorry the pictures are scattered, these are just few of the selected photos I'd like to share with you guys. You could say, that even when I'm trying so hard to not say anything about the things I'll miss here, I can't help but telling you I do through these photos.

Since I'm done with Degree, I'm planning out my 5 years plan future. I will talk to families and friends about their plans, and hopefully that will help us face the future with new sets of reasonings and logics in life. People are so different that it's interesting to know what they think of their plans, and where they're heading.

As for me, Adelaide is awesome, in fact it's an experience I encourage everyone to go through. It's not just studying, it never was. It's everything else. Lifestyle is simple, people are friendly, money is good. But life is calling me home. I don't know whether I will settle there once I landed a job, but God willing, time and love will bring me back :)

Yes boys I will miss you guys. It's a shame that we've only gotten to know each other at the very end of uni life. I don't know why we didn't get the chance to get to know each other in Taylor's last time, but heck, meeting here must be the reason. I don't know how our relationship will turn out, but since I've penned this down, you guys might as well remember us very much. The groupie of your futsal team, the crispy to your waffles, the indo- to your mee, and the "bloop bloop bloop" to your "Ding a ling ding a ling" :)

To Jessy baby who's currently doing her SPM, I hope you put forward all your best in the papers, and enjoy high school while you still can. Don't stress too much, it will be over soon enough. You have a whole life ahead of you, and part of me envies, while most of it, is protectiveness. I love you so much, if there's one person you can count on, I promise you it's me. Come KL, we will go through life together.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Suzane Mah said…
hi kie, omg cepat jg u graduate seems like verytime i drop by ur blog u owes graduate haha..ntw, congrats!!!jealous la u cn go abroad and xperience so many things!!!haha hope someday i will too...u mmg sis yg terbaik haha...hey, i've been thinking a lot too of my future plans . would really love to hear yours...hhaha btw, sabar ja la kie, wait till ur mum cum u'll mk her dompet bleed haha tk cr kie!!!miss u so much!!!
Jacqkie Rowena said…
hehehehe yakan. It's been 1.5 years later already :) I can't wait to see my mum! Anyway, take care okay? I miss you too! <3

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