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Meteor Shower

Not entirely blue sky, clouds rush in, whistles of wind everywhere, drizzle. Nicer temperature as compared to two nights before. It was stuffy, wet and sticky. People usually relate to how they're feeling at that moment with the weather, something I have adopted ever since I came here. Used to refuse to feeling blue during heavy pour, but somehow, in someway I crash on my balcony couch with a lot of thinking when it's all cloudy. Nothing negative, usually reflective, but it must be the weather, I thought. I told you the weather can be a conversation on it's own. It's that volatile.

I took this photo for the irony of wearing sweater on a very hot / sunny day. Stillness in times of change.

You've probably read my status on witnessing a meteor shower. I swear, it was one of the biggest highlight in my life. In fact, I can scrap it off from my to do-list before I die. When they messaged me that there was going to be a meteor shower, I didn't expect anything, nothing.…


Room is shit messy.

Books are everywhere, pony lying on the floor. I have been so busy the past week that I don't even have time to clean up my room. I swear it's probably going to last this way till I leave.

Today marks the day I pass up my last assignment for Degree, like Audrey, I didn't feel as liberated as I thought I would be. I'm still trying to figure out why.

Okay, I told myself that this post will not be as emotional as before. Not trying to be indenial lah, but the more I think about it, the more I'll miss everything. Even before leaving, it's depressing. So anyway, today was a good day. Had a date with Cindy, I've missed her so much since she has been staying back home (it's like sauna by the way) for assignment the past week.

Cindy: I look like a construction worker at home.
Me: ?!?!
Cindy: I've been baluting my head and neck with cold towel. Now I understand them, it's really cooling.
Me: *eureka moment* Woooooooo really arh.


Summer's coming, and it's not cool

It's amazing how the change of weather can be a conversation on it's own. Spring is slowly dying off and everyone now awaits Summer. I'm dreading the days that will go up to 40degrees (I don't think I've experienced this), not because of sunburns or wearing less, but because my entire unit has no fan, aircond or basically any cooling fans.

I'm usually almost clothless at home especially when sleeping. It's the kind of hot that you just feel like jumping into a pool at 3am in the morning. And thanks to the heat, I've been waking up at 8am every morning, wet and sticky all over. Not the best feeling in the world. Just not.

And I just realised I don't have any short outdoorsy pants. Or anything short for that matter. Haih. Shopping also lazy leaving here soon, how.

I remember telling you guys about this place called Handorf a few weeks back, and the pictures are up. I'm sure you guys have seen it since it probably flooded everyone's page, if not m…

Halloween Update 1

First off, these pictures are all taken from Luke Eastman's & Lalita Lopez's Facebook, so credit goes entirely to them. I was so busy entertaining guests, and ahem, *coughdrinkcough* that night, that my camera was completely of no use.

I've decided to name this post as Update 1, because frankly there are way too many pictures to be posted up. I am pretty sure that you guys love pictures as much as I do, so once my friends post all of them up on Facebook, I will be kind enough to show you more of them. And I mean by more, eyes will boggle out just by browsing through them.

I am sorry if tagged pictures of me and my friends of the party flooded your newsfeed, guilty :) So you'd most probably know what I came as,

Lady Gaga!

This was my mugshot of the party, I wasn't wearing my gloves here, but nevertheless I still look Gaga-fied don't I? It was my first ever time wearing wig throughout and strangely it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. It was itching throu…