Name 3 things you are grateful today

First off, I would like to apologise for not linking you guys up in my newly layout-ted blog. I had problem with some of the HTML Colours/ Hyperlinks so I decided to just become your Followers :)

It's way easier this way because once you guys publish a post, I'm updated with it and I will be directed to your current post. Sounds good alright? I promise I'll be like a stalker with your blogs by refreshing every second ;P

I went to Handorf yesterday with the gang and it was crazy fun, until I board-off from the bus and started seeing stars. I'm not too sure if it was the road, the slight headache I had before, or the food (can't be), or the fact that I didn't have enough sleep the night before but something was definitely partying in my stomach. I don't believe I have motion sickness, I refuse to!

Pictures will be stolen (yet again) from Rubee, Audrey or Yuen, so it's just about a matter of time to wait for them to upload and show you the best ever-est beer I've ever tasted ever. Omg, English damn fail. But you get what I mean!

Spring is finally here, and that means as of today, more like few days back when we went to the beach - (that means) I will only get darker today onwards. I had a slight sunburned, my face is darkening (EMO) and my arms as well. Tension. If I'm like angmoh and has a tan nevermindlah, but I'm already naturally tanned and to get tanner means to have the unnatural tan. Means different skin tones. Pelik lah.

Omg wtf why am I being so superficial. Move along.

I think I told you guys before, if not here it is, I received one of the best door gift ever during an outing Mamak Night with the girls. It's a package with a set of questions you ask yourself or friends. I like it because it's personal, and it works as a game/ ice-breaker :)

I stuck a card on my table that has been a positive practice thus far. Jeff calls me a hippie, which I partially agree to. I'm a hippie in ways others aren't, and I'm not a hippie in ways others are. What I've learned is that, you can't label yourself, it would be biased and not true, others do it for you subconsciously. I love the symbolical peace signs no doubt, but I know deep within there's more to me then what I like/ dislike.

Today, Sunday I ask myself this;

1. Sun
2. Technology that connects me with my loved ones afar
3. Free time for myself

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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