White Shirt Pub Crawl

Me: I'm scared people will draw on my boobs.
Cindy: Hmmm.
Me: Unless I ask them to draw on my sleeves?
Cindy: I KNOW. Let us all draw on both sides of our boobs first!!!!! Then they can see it's full!!!
Me: *Laughs like mad* That's actually not a bad idea!

It turned out we really drew on each other's boobs first :)

Last Friday night was my second pub crawl here in Adelaide. Left our place at about 8ish, and reached city at about 9pm. Soon as we reached the city, as usual we hung around Hungry Jacks to get some awesome chicken wrap for dinner and ice-creams before we join the crowd in this pub called Austral...

...only to find out that the crowd was MASSIVE! Stood outside for a good 10minutes not knowing what was going on inside the pub. Turns out the pub was too full to acommodate the last crowd. Hmmmm.

When I saw from the event page that people writes down the strangest and funniest of comments, I didn't really took it seriously - thought people were just going to write their initials turns out they really do! One of my favourite was a guy with a hobo look, long hair with the statement "I need a haircut" behind his shirt. Some even had huge nicknames infront of their shirt like "Drunk Dylan" and some just has the weirdest comments like "Help, I'm a Virgin". Hahahaha pity that old-looking dude, some naughty boys must have wrote it.

Anyhoo, when we finally got in, the first few people who signed on our shirts were Chris and Lee who ended up hung around with us (rather Audrey and Carmen) throughout the night! :) Here are few pics from that night courtesy of Audrey.

Still drawing on toilet breaks!

Lee & Chris

I just like to spoil pictures don't I

"Enter Here" hahahaha

I got some loveshape on my boob!

Yuennyyeee and Audrey with her starry boob!

Next post - Royal Adelaide Show '09!
Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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