Sydney Spring Break 09

I'm back from Sydney!

Thanks for those who were concern regarding the Sandstorm that hit Sydney a day before me and my friends went. Thank you! :) *much love* I think most of you might have seen the photos I've posted in Facebook, but if you haven't, please check 'em out :)

My friends and I were in Sydney for 5 days/ 4 nights, and we stayed at Westend Backpackers Lodge at Pitt Street, which was such a strategic location because I felt it was like an intersection of every roads. Chinatown, the Central Train Station, and even Hilton Hotel was a few blocks away.That strategic! There were also tons of good restaurants & bars nearby.

There were six of us in the trip. Four of us reached Sydney at about 12ish, and after lunch we manage to grab the bunks first :) I slept right above Cindy which turned out to be such a menace. She kept poking my arse! :( The remaining two reached much later in the evening.

Met up with Yuen's friend Christina who brought us to a Korean BBQ that was so awesome, I was burping Kimchi throughout the night. Yum. The portion was huge, the price was affordable and the place closes at 3AM! Which is super awesome noting the fact that Sadelaide closes everything by 12. And that's bar alright.

I'm not too sure where this was but I think it was on the way to Darling Harbour. Pretty awesome eh? :)

After dinner we went to Darling Harbour bridge for some walking. It was windy that night, and so purrty :)

Second day was spent at Paddy's Market. Jeez! I forgot to upload them, but please feel free to check those photos out of us having icecreams after shopping. There wasn't much for me there, BUT I bought a small disco ball which costed about 2dollars. Yeee, now my room has a small disco ball :)

Fast forward to the third day, the most photos I took throughout this trip is when we visited the Beach! We went to the gorgeus Bondi Beach and had like the yummiest Fish & Chips ever! I actually really loved it, especially when the part where it's topped and seasoned with Chicken Salt (kinda beat the purpose but brings more flavour). Didn't get to finish it due to the generous amount of chips, and I mean tons of it! yum.

Here are the photos of the beach, I swear it's a million times better in real mode.

The seagulls here are so spoilt, they were literally waiting, gathering around the huts for tourists/ visitors to feed them. The problem is, there were tons of them. Even if we were nice enough to feed them, we will surely be ambushed by another million of Seagulls fighting for a piece. So we decided to not spoil them. Find your own food lazy seagulls!

I'm sorry my pictures are sporadic. I think this was on the second day. Nevertheless, we had cupcakes as well since Audrey was looking for this place. There was a point where the bystanders were wondering why there were so many of us staring at the cupcakes like there's some magical cupcake show. Well, they are too pretty.

Darling Harbour, gorgeous!

We went to this place called 'Mamak' which was nearby the place where we were staying and it was terrible. I don't know whether it's the fact that we came there about 15 minutes to close, but it just doesn't make any sense when all the raw ingredients were completely drained out. Like Milo, don't they buy them in tins or something? Or coffee? Do they really have like a day quota? I think it was just them being lazy since it was closing.

Anyway the price was also expensive. Oh well, this is pretty common here.

Told ya, my pics are all over the place. Here are more pictures of Bondi Beach. Oh, I forgot to tell you. There was this shop nearby that was selling bikins for 10bucks! Everything! The designs are pretty gorgeous as well, and we couldn't resist :P

Audrey and I were also doing an experiment of whether all the surfers are as hot as they're always perceived. Okaylah, it was sort of true. Majority of them had this toned body, and this sun-kissed beach tan that we see in movies. I'm not talking about just guys, the girls as well of course. Not only that, strangely, most of them are tall as well.

Until, one guy came running out from the sea which just RED speedo.

Audrey and I looked at each other and burst out a laugh.

We spent the last day visiting Sydney Opera House. The trademark and the must-see landmark of Sydney. I was trying hard to snap the opera house to show how big it looks like, but the architecture of the building makes it really hard to do so. I decided to just snap at certain angles, which I was at. Heh, lazy.

Me: I want to take photos of the opera house, showing how it looks like, you know.
Cindy: Haih, nevermindlah. Like that, just get a postcard.
Me: -____-"

the trip was pure crazy and fun. It's so funny having the rest of the girls in the room. We had this cute system, of Cindy waking up earliest and then will wake me up, and then I'll wake Carmen up and goes on. Other than that, everyday was shopping shopping shopping and eating eating eating.

So, should you visit Sydney? YES! You'll love it :)

Bollocks, I didn't upload the photo of the opera house from far. Please check them out in my Facebook album. Thank youu! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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