The September Issue Documentary

We've all seen and loved The Devil Wears Prada - the (supposedly) epitome of what fashion industry is all about, being skinny, fabulous and speaks Prada. Contrary to popular belief, fashion and the people behind the leading fashion industry is almost nothing like the people you see in the movies, or in that particular movie.

The ladies and I went for The September Issue last night, a documentary that revolves around Anna Wintour the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue for 20years, one of the most influential woman in the fashion industry ever, and of course the ultimate inspiration behind the Devil Wears Prada.

Throughout the documentary you'll get to discover that Anna Wintour's famous silent stare - is deadly but precious simply because she makes most of the decision in fashion. Even huge names like Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang bow down to her comments and critiques when it comes to "what's in and what's not".

I personally thought the most surprising part about finding out the works of Vogue was... actually knowing the people behind it is almost nothing like we imagine. Like Grace the Creative Director of Vogue, the person who was in-charge of putting the clothes together, directing most of the photoshoots (or amazing photos we see published) and also the lady behind the Couturesque poses in Vogue spread is... astoundingly humble and simple.

I know she will be people's favourite when she said "nobody's perfect, it's enough that the models are, no one has to be absolutely perfect"; that's what everyone's dying to hear from them. Come to think about it, it's amazing how this highly-prejudiced industry that we think the people behind it actually lives and breathes fabulosity is not always the case. Grace is brains. Fashion is business after all, and surviving it means you're a good fashion salesman.

Anna sells (sold) ideas, that we've come to loved and hated all this time - but still accepting it.

There was a point I almost teared up when Anna was asked about her siblings, and how she firmly expresses that her siblings are amused with what she's doing. In other words, proud. Her eyes sparkled, one could only assume that she was holding back her tears.

I don't really know all the big names in fashion, but I particularly love the mechanics of giving birth to styles and dresses. That's why when Thakoon came out (a young designer) and Oscar de la Renta showed off their sketches and fixing the models' dresses, I was in love. I don't like sewing very much, and neither do I like fashion magazines but there's something about fixing a dress from scratch, from a yard of blue dress to a gorgeous evening gown is fascinating and intriguing.

Enough rambling, like Yuen said, boys won't be jumping excited to see this documentary but truth be told, it's not so much about clothes, shoes and dresses (although they were some to tease us),

It really was about the people. Enjoy!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


*zara.awang* said…
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sfz said…
i really like this post ;)
Jacqkie Rowena said…
sfz: aaww thanks babe! :)
Celeste Bee said…
It's Botswana. Don't ask me why the pigs and money is present there.

Every other group did Malaysia and the 1 Malaysia but we did Botswana with an art drawing!

I want to watch The September Issue but it is yet to be up on youtube.
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Celeste Bee: Ohh I see. Oh my gosh I really couldn't tell it was Botswana! But then again, I didn't know what Botswana famous for :P You should, The September Issue is quite interesting! :)
Celeste Bee said…
we didnt have a clue about botswana too. lots of guess work and imaginary assumption.

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