Selamat Hari Raya from Adelaide

Hello you!

Spring Break is finally here, and when it's here, there's nothing much to do. Everything here closes by evening, no such thing as Mamak or Kopitiam that actually is cheap, and opens till 'late. Pfft. Luckily enough, the girls and I are going Sydney next Thursday, and OMG that screams shopping!!

No seriously, I am planning to shop. Not the kind that would excess the card but the kind that would make a girl - happy enough *grins*. Plus, I haven't been to Sydney before and I'm purrrttyy excited to enjoy one of the happiest city in the world.

The other day when we went to picnic, I brought my bubbles and my oh my did I fell in love with bubbles. It was so addictive. The only problem was... I look terrible in photos whenever I blow them. This shot below is probably the nicest, but as you can still seeeee, I look so stressed. God knows what was I thinking when I'm playing bubbles. Argh.

Yesterday we had Karaoke for Audrey's birthday, and I think everyone officially knows I like Miley Cyrus. -____- I felt so shy, but oh well, now I get to hum The Climb or Best of Both Worlds more openly, woopeee!

Ah, I forgot to mention to you. Right now, at this very moment I'm suffering from a muscle pull/ strain on my right arm, thanks to Wii! Christ, to think that you won't be injured by staying indoor is just wrong. The girls and I have been hanging out at Rubee & Mas' place for Wii and eventhough fun, the aftereffects of Wii is insane. It's like playing the real sports. Damn you deceiving technology! So I thought you could make our life easier!

Anyway, few nights back we went Wii again, and now, I can't even raise my right arm up. Even scratching is a struggle. It's so painful :( Thankfully, I have Salonpas from back Malaysia, and the warm tingling feeling is slowly biting off the numbness. It's like playing sports, but worst. You're not building any muscle but is suffering just as much. Hmmph.

Going for a sorta open-house tomorrow :) To the Muslimins and Muslimats, Happy Raya!!! I soo miss Malay food!!! When you eat them, think of me! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


JeNnYJeN! said…
kie...can i ask u? i saw something at your tat a bracelet(gelang)?? it so look like the bracelet when 'Kristen(Bella-Twilight) it is it? it got this look-a-like..Jed..beeds..look like la..!
if yes, can u tell me where u got it?? I try to find it at here..but i can't find it totally..pls pls..tell me.can u??
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hey Jenny! It's the same Green Butterfly I always wear back in KL. Mummy gave it to me so long ago already.

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