Royal Adelaide Show 2009

OMG I was halfway blogging and then I accidentally pressed UniSA Helpdesk.

Argh! Anyway, let me try to regain my excitement of blogging about the carnival again. Pfft. I've been pretty occupied these days with all the pub-crawling, carnival, and loads of gathetrings in between, thankfully the assignments are pretty okay so far, SO FAR. I'm still dreading the lengthy essays that will kill me soon.

Anyhoo, a group of us went to the Royal Adelaide Show last Sunday and it was heaps fun. I think we all went completely nuts that day, we all became so greedy and sugar-high or something. Unlike my usual posts, I will insert the texts in between the pictures. More pictures on Facebook :)

Powder pucker. I didn't buy it though, I just thought it was a cool concept. Sucking powders!

Some happy kid

As soon as we reached the carnival we went straight to this exhibition/ convention centre with loads of flowers and other stuffs. They were even some models parading flowers on their body. Yeah, weird much. As expected most of the watchers were mothers with their kids. Heee. If mum comes, I think she would be in love as well.

The spending began in the Showbags Bazaar where there were shitloads - and I mean by SHITLOADS of stuffs sold. From candies, to girly stuffs to magic toys for boys it was insane! I think everyone went completely beserk looking at all those candies. Well, I know I did. It took me ages to figure which showbags to buy and I decided on Girlfriend! showbag. I didn't took a picture of what's inside the bag, but let me tell you here. I hope I can remeber, there were 3 Girlfriend! magazines, fingerless gloves that I gave to Yuen eventually, nail polishes (!!!), woman's sanitary pads, this gorgeous black -white stripes sling bag, some jelly powder where you can actually mix the powder with any juices or sodas you want to create a jelly out of it, herm let me think... erm Gummi Bears, Neutrogena facial wash, erm more stuffs that I don't remember. I only paid 15dollars for a bag apparently worth 100dollars.

Awesome! Oh and I also bought bags of M&M's and Cadburry. BUT OF COURSE!

After the whole hypnotisis of candies, we went out for some real lunch. Yeah, awesome carnival food stuffs. It was my first time trying Dagwood Dogs, it's like a sausage roll. With more Candy Floss. Yummmm.

Yuenny :) & Candy Floss & MY BLACK AND WHITE BAG! Hey!

More Candy Flosss.. yum.

After lunch we went to see some animals, I thought it was rather weird as well for a family carnival to have things like dogs competition or pigs racing (!!!!!) but apparently it's widely acceptable or is already embodied in their culture for such activities. It was pretty awesome as well. I think I saw the prettiest dogs ever on that carnival, huge dogs and excruciatingly adorable! My boyfriend would love them!

Some cute Siberian Husky. Baby, look at this! It was huge, I bet if it jumps, it would be taller than me! That huge!

After the animals' section comes THE games... hmm. Where do I even begin? It was probably the craziest part of the day that started out innocently of just wanting to win some prizes to this wicked obsession of winning huge prizes! PEER PRESSURE I tell you!

Below is a picture of one of the ride in the carnival. Pretty awesome eh? But it was pretty expensive so we decided not to play the rides and save some cash for THE GAMES instead. Buahahahaha.

Below is one of the games that was available that day. I'm not too sure whether any of us played this that day but as you can seee.... those giant toys. Yeah, that was among the biggest attraction to us, and we all turned to toys zombie or something. I can't wait to go to Gold Coast and ride on all the crazy rides with my sister this Summer. Woot woot!

Some weird Halloween rides, I don't even understand why some people wants to ride it.

Ferris Wheel! I think it's the prettiest ride, plus romantic. Although you'd have to be stucked up there on air for a good half-an-hour. Aww, it's all sweet! :) Carmen played the same game Cindy played and they both got the huge-ass prizes. Cindy the psychic got a huge white teddy bear and Carmen, well you can see for yourself. Freaking huge Kermit!

As I've mentioned, me and my friends have turned nuts when we were palying the games, and the picture above is as proof. This is a bad example though, but nevertheless when all of us dumped our toys and whatever not it was literally, a mountain of toys. Not too mention enviable to the kids *evil laugh*.

I wasn't as bad.

Okay I lied, I played the basketball game from winning a small unicorn to uh, well freaking huge purple pony! Yuen is particularly inlove with ponies, so I was contemplating of getting it but others was just ... blegh. I hated the Panda, frankly and some were just weird ducks. When I got the winning pony I was so excited, I literally jumped around like a kid.

What carnival did to me... Rubee jealous. Pfft. Always poke my pony *rubs pony*.

Be surprised, be very surprised. They have live wrestling.

To end the night they had this beautiful fireworks that made me miss my boyfriend terribly. I thought it was a romantic moment, how I wished he could've been there to enjoy it with me. Nevertheless, I had awesome companny. Beautiful fireworks! I loved how they complement the fireworks with some edgy musical background. Nyehehehe.

Right before we left, we entered this hall where there was tons of cows. Huge, massive cows as heavy as 1050kgs! Most of the cows were as tall as us, and like a at least 10 times bigger than us. Huge cows. Once again, Daren would love these kind of white trash shows. Cows, pigs - these animal races. You should have teleported yourself here baby boy.

Look at that!

I told you I had tons of candies. Gosh, sugar high!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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