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Life is,

Tequila Sunrise + Stilettos + Human Drawing + Scintillating conversations =

a soon-to-be 21year old who refuses to grow up :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sydney Spring Break 09

I'm back from Sydney!

Thanks for those who were concern regarding the Sandstorm that hit Sydney a day before me and my friends went. Thank you! :) *much love* I think most of you might have seen the photos I've posted in Facebook, but if you haven't, please check 'em out :)

My friends and I were in Sydney for 5 days/ 4 nights, and we stayed at Westend Backpackers Lodge at Pitt Street, which was such a strategic location because I felt it was like an intersection of every roads. Chinatown, the Central Train Station, and even Hilton Hotel was a few blocks away.That strategic! There were also tons of good restaurants & bars nearby.

There were six of us in the trip. Four of us reached Sydney at about 12ish, and after lunch we manage to grab the bunks first :) I slept right above Cindy which turned out to be such a menace. She kept poking my arse! :( The remaining two reached much later in the evening.

Met up with Yuen's friend Christina who brought us to a Korean B…

It's just....

I'm going Sydney this Thursday mothaaafaakkkerrrrsssss!


I sound so crude, but you know, I've been wanting to do that since so long :) Don't be jealous love, envy green looks horrible on you! Awesome or nightmare, I'll get back to you!

Ladies, let's have heaps of fun :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Selamat Hari Raya from Adelaide

Hello you!

Spring Break is finally here, and when it's here, there's nothing much to do. Everything here closes by evening, no such thing as Mamak or Kopitiam that actually is cheap, and opens till 'late. Pfft. Luckily enough, the girls and I are going Sydney next Thursday, and OMG that screams shopping!!

No seriously, I am planning to shop. Not the kind that would excess the card but the kind that would make a girl - happy enough *grins*. Plus, I haven't been to Sydney before and I'm purrrttyy excited to enjoy one of the happiest city in the world.

The other day when we went to picnic, I brought my bubbles and my oh my did I fell in love with bubbles. It was so addictive. The only problem was... I look terrible in photos whenever I blow them. This shot below is probably the nicest, but as you can still seeeee, I look so stressed. God knows what was I thinking when I'm playing bubbles. Argh.

Yesterday we had Karaoke for Audrey's birthday, and I think everyone o…

I miss you

It's 04.15 AM, it's cold, and it's lonesome. I miss knowing breakfast is with you, I just miss you.

You're my Carl & I'm your Ellie.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Spring is here!

After almost a month or so waiting,

Spring is finally here! Snowy, Rubee and Mas invited us along for a picnic in Botanical Garden near the city and it was bliss! The weather was gorgeous, sun, wind, and ducks combined is recipe for such beautiful day.

Here are the pictures taken from Rubee's and Yuen's camera. Well, they both have DSLRs or SLRs or something like that, I'm not too sure, but their pictures are definitely way nicer :)

There were quite a number of people having picnics as well, and it was so sweet to see family birthdays and weddings being held on that beautiful sunny day. Oh not to mention, the day before that when we were out in the city, when I saw a couple of Chinese dudes buying flipflops - I just couldn't wait to wear mine as well! Nyehehe :)

Here's the three of us playing with bubbles :)

The rest playing Ice, Water, Fire while I was playing bubbles! It was funny to see bunch of A-dults running around!

After the picnic, half of the group went for Baza…

Heart you

I miss those times when you'd give me all your attention, and I give you mine even when we're at worst places. You'd force me to sit with you, and I force you to sit with me.

Soon we will reach our second year, numbers are nothing, effort is everything. I've been thinking about it all night, I'm putting more heart. I'd adjust my nights and days just to invest more time with you.

I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means not having you as much as I used to, so long as I have you.

I love you!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Royal Adelaide Show 2009

OMG I was halfway blogging and then I accidentally pressed UniSA Helpdesk.

Argh! Anyway, let me try to regain my excitement of blogging about the carnival again. Pfft. I've been pretty occupied these days with all the pub-crawling, carnival, and loads of gathetrings in between, thankfully the assignments are pretty okay so far, SO FAR. I'm still dreading the lengthy essays that will kill me soon.

Anyhoo, a group of us went to the Royal Adelaide Show last Sunday and it was heaps fun. I think we all went completely nuts that day, we all became so greedy and sugar-high or something. Unlike my usual posts, I will insert the texts in between the pictures. More pictures on Facebook :)

Powder pucker. I didn't buy it though, I just thought it was a cool concept. Sucking powders!

Some happy kid
As soon as we reached the carnival we went straight to this exhibition/ convention centre with loads of flowers and other stuffs. They were even some models parading flowers on their body. Y…

White Shirt Pub Crawl

Me: I'm scared people will draw on my boobs.
Cindy: Hmmm.
Me: Unless I ask them to draw on my sleeves?
Cindy: I KNOW. Let us all draw on both sides of our boobs first!!!!! Then they can see it's full!!!
Me: *Laughs like mad* That's actually not a bad idea!

It turned out we really drew on each other's boobs first :)

Last Friday night was my second pub crawl here in Adelaide. Left our place at about 8ish, and reached city at about 9pm. Soon as we reached the city, as usual we hung around Hungry Jacks to get some awesome chicken wrap for dinner and ice-creams before we join the crowd in this pub called Austral...

...only to find out that the crowd was MASSIVE! Stood outside for a good 10minutes not knowing what was going on inside the pub. Turns out the pub was too full to acommodate the last crowd. Hmmmm.

When I saw from the event page that people writes down the strangest and funniest of comments, I didn't really took it seriously - thought people were just going to write t…