Sadelaide? Radelaide? Greatalaide? Okay, I just made this up

Most of you might know that I'm currently in a long-distance relationship with DarenBaby. Frankly, this long distance relationship hasn't killed both of us yet, in fact I'm surprised how calm and composed we both (currently) are.

He's the most understanding man ever, and I appreciate that by doing the same favour to him. He understands that my internet usage is only about 6GB a month which means Skype isn't possible everynight, and my phone bill is pretty limited as well, which means we both have to give and take calling each other. And he gets that! Ahh, your so amazing baby!

But I do miss him when he calls me, I get all cuddly and mushy ;)

Enough about this, I think you guys have seen our Facebook walls messages (enough) already, I get that.

Let's talk more about Adelaide. Or Radelaide, or Sadelaide, or Lamelaide my friends say. Well, it's not thaaaaat bad. The people here are generally, really friendly especially the customer service and to me that's a huge pluspoint. I'd like to be informed, say well informed when I buy things or do any transactions and this place is like a huge bundle of joy. How can you not buy? Seriously.

I'm probably not used to a couple of things yet, like the weather (!!!!) because most of the time I walk in flip-flops and 2-4degrees doesn't allow me too, the food and the fact that a lot closes about 5ish that would lead you to coming up to the city early. And say you forgot to buy a few stuffs after that, you'd have to come back to the city, the next day. Which leads me to transportation.

The public transportation here is excellent noting the fact that Adelaide is a small city. It has trams and the buses here (I'm not too sure about this) covers almost all areas in Adelaide, which I find very convenient. The system here isn't so bad as well, like the trams gives free rides if you travel around the city and the buses here uses a 10rides ticketing system, plus these tickets are sold everywhere at convenient stores, so instead of the usual lining up it's an immediate entry.

I can't think much for now 'cause I'm really hungry and TheSims3 is stuck in my head. I'll update more in the future!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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