Relax, take it easy

Scriptwriting for Live Performance was fun!

Ms Sheila is so colourful, it's impossible not to love her. We've learned some basic stuffs about writing for theatre like it being live and dynamic, leaving almost no room for mistakes. Also, for our second assignment the class will be watching a play called Knives in Hens and we will then develop discussion essays on the play. Sounds interesting? Of course, but I guess you'd really have to sink your heart in to be able to enjoy it because it does seem to get too artsy fartsy at times. Unique!

I initially just wanted to tell you, that I love DarenBaby so much, and trust me, I'm counting the days to see him! :) It's been lovely Sky-pe-ing with you sweetheart (Brian I say it the way I want it)! and I'm praying for the real thing! Only you matters woooot! :) So here are the steps I'm taking to not make me miss him so much;

1. Never listen to emo songs (especially to start your day), especially ThreeDoorsDown 'Here Without You'.

2. Try not talking about him so much, like how he likes bread or his milo. Or even his humongous appetite.

3. Or, always make sure your closest girlfriends are there to make you not stop talking about almost all the things in this planet. Well girls talk alot.

4. Shit, I miss him already. Love from Adelaide, Donkey Kong!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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