Pre-Departure Update 5

Listening to Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changing

The past few weeks have been a run of luncheons, dinners, gatherings, parties and all sorts of farewells. But today would probably the most painful, most heartwrenching farewell I've ever had.


DarenBaby, Brian and I went to LowYatt plaza the other day and I have always wanted a new SonyWalkman since mine currently has already gone haywire. It was loyal, and faithful to me all these years so I'm pretty thankful that it could still work, just not as excellent as before. Plus, DarenBaby was looking for cameras as well to ahem, have a webcam date with me :)

Today DarenBaby told me that he'd take me out to lunch, yahoo! (quite frankly, it's been quite awhile since just the two of us had lunch), so I was beyond happy. When he took me to a buffet, I was beyond, beyond happy.

This is when the sweetest thing happened. When he reached my place, he told me he wanted to come in because he wants to spend time with me. Okay, fair enough, so I allowed him. Then he took a seat, gotten comfy, and then asked me to get his bottled water from his car, I was already like "I'm going to kill this boy", until I opened the back-right car door and saw the packaging. Deliberately done so sweetly, he placed the SonyWalkman inside this gorgeous paper-bag with a small note.

When I saw it, I crumbled. I felt lifeless, I couldn't feel my knees. I broke down and cried, for a good 5 minutes alone in the backseat. I was sobbing, I panted for air, trying hard to breathe. Even a smiley face was a struggle, because I was already aching. My heart hurts, my head hurts.

Why would he do this?

I had instincts that he would do something like this, but I didn't expect him to actually do it. See, I've always wanted a Sony Walkman because I find it more practical and it has always been a good value for money in comparison to other brands. He gets that. DarenBaby even told me before he decided on buying anything for me, he said he had researched about it as well.

It was so special to me because this boy is excellent with surprises despite saying he isn't so. This as another example. The effort he puts in to this surprise was beyond sweet, see, he doesn't like going online. He rarely checks his Facebook, and the only reason he goes to the Internet is when he wants to search for some football stuffs. So for him to do something like this was... ah, I feel really special you know.

Plus, this would have cost a whole month's allowance. Not only is his family very strict, they don't usually give allowances during the holiday. When I finally got into his arms, I cried even more. The tears just won't stop flowing! He hugged me tightly, I knew at the back of his mind he was worried. Worried that I might give him the lecture of spending, but, how could I?

I cried, and I cried asking him the one thing that I'm dying to know, 'Why do you do this now?', but all he replied was, 'you never ask someone why they do these kinda things, never' with a giggle. So I cried, and cried more until he told me that I'm ruining his new shirt. I laughed, but I was still so hurt now,

how do I leave?

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


The Soundaholic said…

Omg I was smiling so sheepishly when I read this... but it also pains me to know that at the same time it's breaking your heart that you have to leave.

*hugs you super duper tightly*

I hope you be strong, and wish for you much courage and strength, and may the days go by passes quickly, so that soon enough you guys will be together again. :)

Much love,

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