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Meet Daren Kong

I attended my second class today, frankly I can't seem to put my words on it. It was, weird. Both the instructors were weird it seems like they were both out of place. You know what I mean?

When the first lady came, she looked sick and very casual (but that's usual here) and left us in about an hour or so, with the Course Coordinator entering in.

"Some years we have lectures, some years we don't. This is the year we don't."

Can you believe the Course Coordinator actually said that? Haha, it was too funny! Oh I bought a monkey/ gorilla that day and named it after him. DarenKong! :)

Please layan me! ;P

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Relax, take it easy

Scriptwriting for Live Performance was fun!

Ms Sheila is so colourful, it's impossible not to love her. We've learned some basic stuffs about writing for theatre like it being live and dynamic, leaving almost no room for mistakes. Also, for our second assignment the class will be watching a play called Knives in Hens and we will then develop discussion essays on the play. Sounds interesting? Of course, but I guess you'd really have to sink your heart in to be able to enjoy it because it does seem to get too artsy fartsy at times. Unique!

I initially just wanted to tell you, that I love DarenBaby so much, and trust me, I'm counting the days to see him! :) It's been lovely Sky-pe-ing with you sweetheart (Brian I say it the way I want it)! and I'm praying for the real thing! Only you matters woooot! :) So here are the steps I'm taking to not make me miss him so much;

1. Never listen to emo songs (especially to start your day), especially ThreeDoorsDown 'Here …

Sadelaide? Radelaide? Greatalaide? Okay, I just made this up

Most of you might know that I'm currently in a long-distance relationship with DarenBaby. Frankly, this long distance relationship hasn't killed both of us yet, in fact I'm surprised how calm and composed we both (currently) are.

He's the most understanding man ever, and I appreciate that by doing the same favour to him. He understands that my internet usage is only about 6GB a month which means Skype isn't possible everynight, and my phone bill is pretty limited as well, which means we both have to give and take calling each other. And he gets that! Ahh, your so amazing baby!

But I do miss him when he calls me, I get all cuddly and mushy ;)

Enough about this, I think you guys have seen our Facebook walls messages (enough) already, I get that.

Let's talk more about Adelaide. Or Radelaide, or Sadelaide, or Lamelaide my friends say. Well, it's not thaaaaat bad. The people here are generally, really friendly especially the customer service and to me that's a h…

Here's my new house!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the looooonnng delay, been setting up my house and focusing on my enrollment which STILL is uncertain. Hopefully I get to do the two subjects I really want to :)

Anyway, here are the pictures of the setting up of mine and Carmen's apartment. We've been going to "the City" a lot because of that, but hopefully after this we won't spend so much :) Hopefully! And oh, I've found the Catholic church. Mum told me it's fine not to go to church for 5 months if it's far but I still find it weird not going church on the weekends, it's like, something's missing you know.

Here are the pictures to tell you more, I can be boring sometimes, I know.

Carmen and I bought the Kettle for 15dollars at CashConverters

Stove and Food :)

My bedsheet to keep reminded me of that naughty boy!

Awesome heater/ lighter!

Maggi! But they call it (sounds like) May-Ji/ May-G. Even in commercials!

To those who don't know, Australia banned plastic bags so we'd h…

Greetings from Adelaide!

After so much of walking and loads and loads of shopping, we are finally more or less, settled down. We got our internet today, so please find me when you're free, cause I might be too free for my own sanity, especially when everything we touch is cold here! :(

Thanks to Audrey and Yuen for such amazing help and guidance, and the warmest welcome. Thank youuss :)

I'll post some pictures up when I have those good ones, and when I'm really free. Currently, I'm busy enrolling for my program and I'm prioritising my household. Carmen is the housemate, while Cindy is staying right behind us. We're all pretty homesick now, but give us few weeks we'll bounce back for sure!

Please PM me for my Aussie number :) Looking forward to hear from you!

I love you Baby!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Pre-Departure Update 6

Hey guys, sorry for not updating much been completely busy the past few weeks and yesterday night was supposedly everything else... compressed in one night. But I guessed saying yes to everything was the wrong move, I shall keep this in mind.

Had too many farewells one person could ask for, and I'm grateful for that. Really. Other than that, please don't ask me how am I feeling 'cause frankly I'm not quite sure either.

So 'till then, have a beautiful day. I will be leaving tonight, shall see Audrey, Yuen, Thomas & Jay tomorrow or soon but will be separated from DarenBaby, other classmates, housemates and other of the things I love tonight.

Keep in touch! Shall you close friends of mine need to contact me please PM in Facebook, 'cause the next time I'll update my blog will probably in Adelaide.

Pray for me to have a safe trip! Thank you lovely people :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Pre-Departure Update 5

Listening to Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changing

The past few weeks have been a run of luncheons, dinners, gatherings, parties and all sorts of farewells. But today would probably the most painful, most heartwrenching farewell I've ever had.


DarenBaby, Brian and I went to LowYatt plaza the other day and I have always wanted a new SonyWalkman since mine currently has already gone haywire. It was loyal, and faithful to me all these years so I'm pretty thankful that it could still work, just not as excellent as before. Plus, DarenBaby was looking for cameras as well to ahem, have a webcam date with me :)

Today DarenBaby told me that he'd take me out to lunch, yahoo! (quite frankly, it's been quite awhile since just the two of us had lunch), so I was beyond happy. When he took me to a buffet, I was beyond, beyond happy.

This is when the sweetest thing happened. When he reached my place, he told me he wanted to come in because he wants to spend time with…

He's so going to kill me but...

DarenBaby is in a magazine! He's interviewed by the very famous (very expensive) sports magazine FourFourTwo, published in the July 2009 issue! The next time you visit MPH or Borders, please grab the mag and check out that adorable boy's face! HUGS
Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Pre-Departure Update 4

It's about 4 days 'till I'm up in that jetplane. That jetplane that will separate me, with my love, and the rest of my world that I have grown to love the past 4years.

"Do you hear me, I'm talking to you, Across the water, across the deep blue.. ocean, Under the open sky, oh my, Baby I'm trying."

Here are the things I will miss;

1. DarenBaby... you're my bestfriend.

2. My classmates... look at 'em!

3. Malaysian/ KL Food. Like omgahhh seriously! Went to Penang that day (please check my Facebook photos) and to Klang yesterday and can't help but dig in like pigs. Yum!

4. I don't know whether some of you will agree, but erm, Malaysians. Some of you guys are really downtoearth and kindhearted, while some are so lansi and racist. Some are always late, wait make that most of you, and some are very calculative. Ah, the characters.

5. The weather, yeah. The Malaysian weather is almost predictable.

6. Awesome DVDs.
More words on the next post.
Hugs & Kis…

His birthday, farewells and visa

Hello, how are you?

Sorry been busy, will let you know what exactly I've been upto this couple of days/ week. I think you guys were aware that two weeks back I went to Penang and I was away from the computer the whole time, and yes I kinda enjoyed that priviledge :)

Well, mummy came last week for a seminar and was here for four days. There were loads and loads of shopping, and frankly, I didn't want her to go back 'cause it was so good to have someone to sleep with, she's such a sweetheart! Not only that, I miss having someone to talk to at night. Someone who would give me this catchphrases or one-liners that would usually make me think-off to sleep. She always keeps me grounded, in ways only she can do.

DarenBaby turned 20 yesterday, and before she left mum took us out to TGIFridays for my farewell and DarenBaby's birthday. DarenBaby insisted on no traditional TGIF Surprise singing celebration, but of course the TGIFers refused, and embarassed him infront of my mum a…

Pre-Departure Update 3

I HATE PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give me a few days, I shall update with more words very soon.
Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.