Pre-Departure Update 2

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I remember wanting so see updates of my friends that were leaving for Aussie last time, and I can only assume that you guys (my boyfriend, families and friends) out there wishes to see updates about me too.

Maybe not updatelah, but something like 'how am I coping, what am I thinking' kinda thing. Well as much as I'd like to believe that there won't be much difference since I've always been staying far from home, I don't think Aussie will be as easy as KL in terms of communication (obviously) and erm, food. I mean, sure I could webcam with DarenBaby, and some of my friends but my mum? It would be difficult isn't it since she's not thaaat technologically advanced? And she calls me almost every single day! Imagine that. But if my friends back there can do it, I bet I could too.

As for separating with DarenBaby, my emotions have been on flux - not really confused, just between two extremes; calm and of course paranoid. Most times I'd be freaking out, clinging onto sweets like he's my lifeboat, and harrassing him with (usually rhetoric) questions about going out with me. I am THAT crazy. But when I'm all composed and calm, I sleep earlier, better and sometimes talks to him like this little baby who just wants to be caressed. You know? I know it pains him sometimes that I'm this crazy ol lady, but now (frankly) I'm better at calming myself down, I've been imagining the excitement to webcam with him as well :)

So now, since I have left about 3 weeks left my days are packed with everything! Cleaning up, packing, meeting up with friends and families, checkups, just so many things that I don't even want to think about! To make things worst,

I'm so lazy to do anything! Just plain lazy!

I'd sleep usually latest at 3am, and wakes up at about usually latest 12pm and then from there I wander around my small house and in less than 5 minutes, I'm either on the internet browsing all kinds of random things or falls back to sleep. Haih. Plus, I have been away quite often already that means I have no food at home!

Okay, more update on Aussie.

I got myself a pair of BananaMoons that day, after almost 5 years without any proper outing shoes since I lost my first, and whatseemed like my last Converse shoes! Then mum bought me some normal clothes (Spring-ish & Summer-ish clothes) since I will be there 'till December, now what's left of our problem is that the allowed luggage-weight is just 20kg. Thankfully, laptops are hand carry because if not mine would've took up the 20kg. Oh which reminds me, I really really need to get my laptop checked. Anyway! That means more smart planning is needed.

And another thing, Carmen, Cindy and I will be staying separately at Magill Hartley. Let's all pray that all our housemates are good people, seriously good people :) Winter jackets are all covered, I'm still looking for hats though don't think I need a cute one, a functional (green maybe) would do.

And yes, I finally got my first ever, ever celeb-tees. I don't know what to call them, but usually the ones with any celebrities or public figures face tshirts you know? And it's BobMarley! When I showed it to mummy, she was like...

......Isn't he the one who likes the high-high plants *shakes her head*?

So funny, and I answered her yes.

Visa applied, now waiting for my medical checkup but haven't been free so could only do it next week. And that's a Friday, hopefully they don't put it on hold 'till next working days. Till then, I seriously need to make a todo list. So many things, so little time!


1. Make a proper todo-list.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
30kg if you show them your OSHC (overseas student card or coverage). I'm not sure if it works that way. I only brought 20kg cos I did not know, but Yuen brought in 30kg, so you better ask her and see. ^^
Jacqkie Rowena said…
ItoMaki: I remember Yuen following Singapore Airlines no? Or was it you? Not too sure. Anyway, will ask her. Thanks sweetie :)

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