Mashed Potato & Indian... mmmm

Dinner was mashed potato and veggies cooked Indian style. I know it doesn't sound like it would match well but surprisingly it tasted really good. If not, I wouldn't have told you this. Pfft. Especially when you mix the mashed potato with the veggies - yum! But it was in small portion I got hungry again an hour later. Thankfully, there's peanut butter to the rescue :)

Cindy, Carmen and I will most likely not stay together. Well, it's okay. None of us mind at all since we are there to "gain experience" and "meet new friends". Plus it's good that we give each other some space since we are most likely to be in the same class, right.

40 more days.

I'm slowly becoming more relaxed and less-paranoid. Though I must admit, the fights I've been having with DarenBaby lately is ALL regarding this anticipation that's driving me nuts. I mean, I couldn't help it, it's a depressing thought and we all know that worrying isn't cool. It makes you say the un-coolest thing in the world. Sorry sweetie, and thanks for putting up with me. Plus, we both pledged to use this time to spend more time with our friends.

Mum and I have been planning a vacation to Brisbane/ Gold Coast the past few weeks, and yup everything is confirmed! Mum and JessySisy will be coming down to Brisbane on December 19, 2009 and family vacation begins then till December 26, 2009. Christmas in Aussie? Well, there's always a first time. After that I'll be in KK for a few weeks until I secure job interviews, and even better a job in,


I'll talk about this in later posts :) I have one more assignment to go, and this one is practical either. I'm not too good with practical, but hopefully I'll enjoy this since it's my last. Dear God, packing is terrible! I just don't want to think about it! Oh, and last but not least, I want a webcam! Anything to get in-touch with DarenBaby! ;)

"Are you excited for Adelaide?"
"Ceh, but you're always far from home!"

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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