June 20 - June 24

I'll be in KK from June 20- June 24, next Saturday to Wednesday!

I wasn't quite sure whether I should go back KK to be honest 'cause I have tons of things planned out in such cramped schedules, but since mummy encourage (morelike force) me to, I'd have to give in. I feel it's terribly unfair for me to be wanting to spend time with just DarenBaby and my friends, so mummy here I come. And JessySisy I can't wait to see you too, you're like the only one who literally RollOnTheFloorLaughing at my jokes ;) Plus the whole flight costed less than Rm200 which in our language, MURAH GILA.

I promise no shopping (but mummy always force me okay), second, I need to stuff myself with some really-really good fish (I've been craving for it!) lastly, badminton is on with you Jesssikah! *squinting eyes for no apparent reason because she doesn't read my blog*

See you DarenBaby and my other gangers in Gasing Heights next, next Thursday!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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