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Pre-Departure Update 2

Listening to Michael Jackson - Childhood

I remember wanting so see updates of my friends that were leaving for Aussie last time, and I can only assume that you guys (my boyfriend, families and friends) out there wishes to see updates about me too.

Maybe not updatelah, but something like 'how am I coping, what am I thinking' kinda thing. Well as much as I'd like to believe that there won't be much difference since I've always been staying far from home, I don't think Aussie will be as easy as KL in terms of communication (obviously) and erm, food. I mean, sure I could webcam with DarenBaby, and some of my friends but my mum? It would be difficult isn't it since she's not thaaat technologically advanced? And she calls me almost every single day! Imagine that. But if my friends back there can do it, I bet I could too.

As for separating with DarenBaby, my emotions have been on flux - not really confused, just between two extremes; calm and of course paranoid. …

"CELEBRATE LIKE A CHAMPION" Smirnoff gives special treat for bloggers in Malaysia!

Feeling lucky fellow bloggers?

Ever wanted to watch all your favourite footballers in action? Dream no more, here comes the great news to all of you Manchester United fans out there!

SMIRNOFF®, world's number one spirit has announced the launch of SMIRNOFF® limited edition pack in Malaysia. The exclusive design promotional pack on SMIRNOFF® 21 features four of Manchester United's top four players. This limited edition pack is launched in celebration of the partnership between SMIRNOFF® and Manchester United that initiates SMIRNOFF® vodka as the official spirits and official responsible drinking partner of the football club.

Grab this chance to win attractive prizes including SMIRNOFF® Manchester United branded merchandises, including 2 VIP match tickets (on 18th July) worth RM 308 each, 10 RM98 match tickets, exclusive invites to party with 2 Manchester United legendary footballers on the 17th July and so much more!

Here's how you participate,

Part 1: Answer the 4 questions cor…

My lovely short visit

The last time I was in KK, I saw tons of magazines and newspapers on my bedroom floor. So I asked my sister what's the newspaper cuttings for and she said,

"They're not mine. Mummy has been doing some paper cuttings early in the morning or late at night. When I ask her why, she never tell me, so I tida peduli lah" "Huh? So weird"
Okay so when I went back KL, I completely forgot about my mum's weird 'newspaper cuttings' until I reached home few nights ago. This is what I saw;

Isn't she the most adorable mom ever? She made this cardboard cutting for my sister as encouragement for her SPM. I teared almost immediately after looking at the cardboard and tried really hard to hide my tears from my sister. I straight away went up to my mum and hugged her eventhough she was already fast asleep. My poor beautiful mum.
Happy father's day mummy! Yes, I celebrate Father's Day with my mum 'cause she plays both the roles :)
Here is my sister's …

Where is the poet in me?

Listening to - Regina Spektor Laughing With

I was never poetic. The kinda person who would make everything around me into pieces of emotions, scripted into literature. Something that we call a piece of our mind posted all over our digital networks may it be a status or our blog for that matter.

Never. 'Cause how do you express something that you feel so strongly deep inside with tangled words, ambiguos meanings to that unidentified recipient? Expressing how you exactly feel is courage, defined more humbly.

But slowly, and positively I have become more aware of this strength. Something I admit, I don't dare pull off infront of anyone, physically. The shame of being ridiculed is unimaginable, could be unbearable - who knows? So I try to explore my own thoughts, opt for a simpler way in expressing myself. Like playing with my cat, put up bad habits like eating the peanut butter at 2am in the morning, or not showering after a party not 'cause I'm tired but because I'd lik…

June 20 - June 24

I'll be in KK from June 20- June 24, next Saturday to Wednesday!

I wasn't quite sure whether I should go back KK to be honest 'cause I have tons of things planned out in such cramped schedules, but since mummy encourage (morelike force) me to, I'd have to give in. I feel it's terribly unfair for me to be wanting to spend time with just DarenBaby and my friends, so mummy here I come. And JessySisy I can't wait to see you too, you're like the only one who literally RollOnTheFloorLaughing at my jokes ;) Plus the whole flight costed less than Rm200 which in our language, MURAH GILA.

I promise no shopping (but mummy always force me okay), second, I need to stuff myself with some really-really good fish (I've been craving for it!) lastly, badminton is on with you Jesssikah! *squinting eyes for no apparent reason because she doesn't read my blog*

See you DarenBaby and my other gangers in Gasing Heights next, next Thursday!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena …

Mashed Potato & Indian... mmmm

Dinner was mashed potato and veggies cooked Indian style. I know it doesn't sound like it would match well but surprisingly it tasted really good. If not, I wouldn't have told you this. Pfft. Especially when you mix the mashed potato with the veggies - yum! But it was in small portion I got hungry again an hour later. Thankfully, there's peanut butter to the rescue :)
Cindy, Carmen and I will most likely not stay together. Well, it's okay. None of us mind at all since we are there to "gain experience" and "meet new friends". Plus it's good that we give each other some space since we are most likely to be in the same class, right.
40 more days.
I'm slowly becoming more relaxed and less-paranoid. Though I must admit, the fights I've been having with DarenBaby lately is ALL regarding this anticipation that's driving me nuts. I mean, I couldn't help it, it's a depressing thought and we all know that worrying isn't cool. It mak…

My mind right now

1. The Settlers 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. How to blardy solve the whole rubik's cube

3. Why the sudden Twitter craze?

4. Nolen Yong's hamsapness

5. Should I play The Settlers at 10.41pm, and possibly sleep after 1am?

:) Sorry for those who are following this blog, my bad for such horrible update. The answer to 5, is NO :(

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I'm friggin hooked

I know I'm obsessed with something If I blog about it. Let me introduce to you, The Settlers. I don't even want to begin how interesting and cute this game is, because if not, I will end up not sleeping, trying to download this game the illegal way and trust me I am that OBSESSED and DarenBaby knows that.


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.