Trekkies Overload

If you think I was bad, imagine winning Sunburst, Rihanna, Jason Mraz, almost all of the movie previews, luncheons, & dinners, more concerts every friggin' month.

Let me introduce to you my friend, Jian Hao. (no picture, so imagine a tall chinese guy with American accent and always, always make this face -.-, oh thick eyebrows)

He's a freak of nature.

Well he called me up that day to watch the premier of Star Trek and offered me another free ticket which he naturally assumed would be Daren's (hehe). I immediately said yes because well, it's free! As much as you people out there try to convince yourself that it's just "Star Trek" don't deny that envy feelings you have cause he got it for free alright. Even I cursed him.

Anyway, he asked me to participate in some activities, so I went to the Trekkies' convention earlier (never in a million years would I imagine I'd go for one or even freaking say this) and was greeted with;

I stopped. What the hell should I respond?!

I wanted to burst out a laugh but I tried hard not to, 'cause well this is their turf. When I saw Jian Hao, I ran to him and started pouring my worries about the Treasure Trek that we'll be participating. I know Jackshit! And then he answered,

"I'M A TREKKIE VIRGIN TOO OKAYYYY". Too loud everyone started looking at us. I mean, every Trekkie started looking at us.

Went for the Treasure Trek and had so much of fun. Blisters on both smallest toes, ran around One Utama like it's Sales, and well my favourite part was lucky draw.

By the end of the convention/ gathering, I was really focusing on winning the damn uniform! Yeah the one that all of them were wearing! They were giving away those uniforms during the lucky draw, and guess what, I was the last winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means I got the uniform. The trekkie uniform! Ngahahahahaha. So happy okay? Although I don't know much about Star Trek (just a little bitla actually- not that bad), well I recognised their faces and character names but if you start talking to me about the whole history and that whatever continuum thing I would probably just give you the fake nod. In my world, fake nod means, lullaby.

Right before the movie, we gathered and waited to see whether we won that Treasure Trek and of course, we didn't. Dahlah not one jackshit we knew about the movie, we have to explore One Utama pulak tuh. Goodness. It was like the worst combination ever!

Fast forwarded to the movie screening, security was WAY too tight that all types of technology/including Jian Hao's donuts were put away! :(

Whateverlah, the movie was good. Not kidding. But then again, don't trust me too much, I'm not a true Trekkie fan so yeah. Loved the action though, and Spock. He's a cool character.

Till then,

*doing that thingymajinggy that fella up there is doing with his right hand*

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
BWAHAHAHA~! Lucky you for getting tix! XD


Great that you think it's good. Now I can go watch it! >8D
-[sweei]- said…
HAHAHAHA, omg!!! jackie!! so cute! winning yourself a uniform...btw, i like the term trekkie virgin =P
Jacqkie! said…
Itomaki: Hehe yeah go and watch it! :)

Sweei: I knowww, now I can be all Trekkie!
Michelle said…
when are u going to wear the uniform for me to see?
Jacqkie! said…
Michelle: i don't know laaah. I don't think I'm ever going to wear because not only it's kinda geeky, it's too huge either!!!
The Soundaholic said…
LOL thingiemagic...

It's called a Vulcan salute hon...

:-S I have a Trekkie brother and my other half has been drilling ST into my poor brain for the last 2 years yikes.

Anyhow, hope you're doing goodie ;)
Jacqkie! said…
The soundaholic:

Hehe, thanks for the justification! :) *throws Vulcan Salute Hon at you*


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