Medicines vs Psychology

Few weeks back, my classmates and I went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, and usually, whenever I'm too excited to go to themeparks I tend to completely forget about my chlorine(swimming pool water) allergy. I don't know why but the allergy has worsen over the years to the extend I couldn't sleep at night, because not only that the rashes burn, they itch like mad!

That aside, after the whole Sunway Lagoon thing, that night itself my whole body was itching like crazy. The next morning I woke up with very-very bad rashes all over my body, and not only that it looked like I've got some freaking STDs or something! (why am I always telling you bodily stories?!) Oh well, so I told Daren about it and showed the rashes and his reaction was;

"...................." (with what seemed like a constipated-forced smile)

I figured it was really getting very bad, so I agreed to follow him home that night, and he fed me with some allergy pills. He told me the pills would make me drowsy, however, he ended up falling asleep earlier than me. So okaylah, hantamlah right, I guess I was pretty strong that night.

The next night I was very busy doing my assignment right up until 3AM or so and that exhaustion drained me out. Before I went to bed, I manage to pop two of the pills again (in case you haven't been reading, scroll up what kinda pills I'm talking about) and...

I woke up at 11AM with the bestest feeling. I heard so many noises outside the house only to realise the grasscutters are already outside doing their job. Not only that, my handphone is filled with messages and phone calls, and my housephone had a few missed calls as well, and get this, my house phone's ringtone is SO annoying that it would usually wake me up by the first ring!

I was pretty impressed with the pills. Too impressed that I now understood why people take sleeping pills whenever they're stressed or unhappy. It was like a vacation. A vacation from the noises outside nor any forms of distraction you see. I wanted to pop two more pills last night, but I thought this crush of such pleasure would turn deadly if I don't think straight. Since the rashes were slowly going away, I decided to take just one and frankly the effect was not more not less than the morning before.

The thing about me is (you can ask anyone I'm close with), I don't really go to doctors nor believe in medicines (that much). My friends say I'm a rasta, which I gladly accept but I don't think I'm close to one. I refuse to take pills for period, go to doctors even for extremely bad gastric nor stomach pains (my mum would worship anyone who could drag me to see doctors) and truthfully, I haven't been to a clinic nor see a doctor (for myself) once since 4 years ago.

It's wrong yes, I don't know whether I'm a cheapskate or not but I tend to believe everything is psychology. As far as I can remember the only few medicines I take are Pei Pa Kao, any random minyak angin, Salonpas (mmmmm, my favourite) and Panadol.

I know this might contradict with whatever I just posted, but remember kids - always always be cautious and remember to visit your doctor whenever should. That gastric could possibly be something else (I swear I will go to doctors when I start working), but also know that NOT ALL sickness means a visit. It could only mean a free pass to PS2 or skipping assignments, and of course rest.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Michelle said…
ya ya...I agree with you...I don't like going to the clinic as well...remember what we learned in biology? not eating medicine helps the body to build stronger
Jacqkie! said…
Michelle: eh really ah. I don't remember Nat's father saying that :D

Anyway, it makes sense lah. Cause you'll be so dependent on it! :/

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