I want a webcam!

Dell is the shit.

I've been using this laptop since I first came to KL, and as far as I can remember nothing extremely terrible has ever happened to this laptop, or me. It's been nearly four years, and though this thing has gone through many - everything else remains intact.

Anyway, mom wanted me to buy a new laptop before Adelaide. I was quite surprise when she "asked" me to, especially since I'm pretty notorious in losing handphones. She wanted me to get a new laptop because according to her, my laptop is too old, and too huge. Which is of course true, but I have grown to love this baby so so much that it would feel extremely weird owning a brand new one. This baby had had so many viruses, and sweet memories with me I don't know whether I could bring myself to say goodbye to it. What do you think?

Other than that, my mum suggested to pass this laptop to my sister when she starts her college. I feel terribly bad if I do so! I mean, it's like picking up someone's leftover plus, it's not fair for her. She deserves to get a brand new one, or a laptop of her choice for her first one, right? But my baby sister is another angel la pula, she never cares and usually she accepts everything we decide for her. Hmm.

Anyway, if there's a reason needed for me to want to buy a new laptop is because I want to have a built-in webcam before Adelaide. I want to Skype, or WebCam with DarenBaby :) But it would be too much, and it would be like a waste of money to buy a whole new laptop. But mummy, she keeps on playing devil's advocate, you'know trying to make sure I will regret bringing this huge-ass laptop all the way to Adelaide. I mean, I get what she means but I guess five months won't kill me.

I went Winter Shopping today when DarenBaby was in class. I got myself a pair of hand-gloves (better safe, than frozen), a brown jacket, a black long sweat-shirt, a couple of new bras and two pair of socks. I have promised myself not to mess-up my packing and my room, so everything newly bought will not be opened or unpack. Because GADDAYM, packing sucks. When I told mum I bought hand-gloves, she laughed. I know it sounds silly, expecting like a blizzard or something but I told her, it's better to come prepared. And she laughed at me again. Oh well!

I have also given a few items to DarenBaby's cousin who's staying alone in some Condo in Subang, and thankfully, he's awesome and humble enough to accept my second hand items :) Thank You KJ!

Okay, what else? Oh yeah, corresponded with this guy from BreezeMag and tada! Here are some of the pics from my blog (but not all owned by me) that was published in the magazine. Please, find yourself in those pictures! ;)

Jacqueline @ Jacqkie Rowena


Daryl said…
Qoutes..."so many viruses, and sweet memories with me..."...Hahahah if they were viruses in the first place why would that be considered as a sweet memory...?? Wouldn't it be considered a living nightmare??...but what else?? unless...there was a time where u stayed with it when it was sick...hehehheh...But nonetheless the same goes for meh too....with my dad...whenever something is considered either 'old' or 'worn out'...he would pesonally buy a new item for meh...or ask me to change it myself....True though....too many memories with your usual set of things....
Jacqkie Rowena said…
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Jacqkie Rowena said…
Daryl: Hahah viruses means sweet memory because come to think about, it's pretty funny. I don't actually want a new set of things because I don't need you see :)

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