Simon Pegg's new movies?


It felt like Desperate Housewives' episode yesterday was aired right on time for me and Daren. We're both struggling to accept the fact that I'm leaving for Adelaide soon and I don't think some of you get it, but this is the first time I'll be separated with him since never which means, without a doubt we're both scared of the unexpected. We're both trying hard to play our part as a partner to assure and convince another that nothing curseful will happen. I'm scared, of course, but night after night I try to tell myself not to worry of the unexpected because more often than not, we are the ones who will choose our destiny, no?

Although I was painfully tired just now, I manage to make us some spaghetti for dinner, not my personal best, but that sweet boy finished it nonetheless. The sauce was not too spicy as he liked it, no parsley to mix with the spaghetti but other than that, everything else ngam. I am definitely going to miss that boy who never-ever fail to surprise me with the amount of food he can eat.

So I'm left with a handful of assignments, and since they're mostly written assignments (I am not the brightest in practical) I should think it would be fine. Hopefully, stress won't come too soon because I'm enjoying my relaxing days. I couldn't bring myself to pack (sorry Jacqkieseconds readers, will update asap), simply because I will either get too emotional or too tired. Packing is hardwork, and it requires for you to do it at your best time and so far, my days are pretty occupied with daren, rest, work, friends and daren's family.

OH! I forgot to mention about my latest celebrity crush! Okaylah, technically he doesn't have the looks to be considered a fan's crush, but his wittiness kills me! SIMON PEGG! See, for me to love one actor/ comedian so much, he/ she must possess certain criterias, which are ;

1. Realistic dramatic facial expressions
2. Cute, (Dicitonary's definition of... )
3. and last but not least, is excellent at presenting both lame and intellectual jokes with the right amount of 1 & 2.

The other favorite is Kevin James! :) Come to think about, it looks like I'm prone to liking man with them meat ey? They're like the cutest, I tell you. Forget about hunky, toned, or even pretty boys! They don't make funny faces better than these people do, and it's just not right without the money-maker face.

Did I tell you that I'm growing to dislike blogs (more like pictures album) of people who are constantly posting up pictures of them in events, camwhoring away or and even modelling (seems like everyone is one nowadays)?! Self-publicising is for Facebook, not blogs I believe. Where were the days that blogs were actually like daily journals, complete with vivid descriptions of their daily encounters or mishaps, and even funny drawings of how all these thing occured, where, why?

I'm not usually this cynical (lie), so to all those readers of BreezeMag, hello and keep reading! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


The Soundaholic said…
Hi sweetheart,

Sorry for the absence... I've been rather busy with school and all.

I hope you're doing alright... with the moving and being away from the other half and all. Tell me all about it, God knows I know :P

Anyhow, I kinda miss you. Hope things go ok and do know I'm thinking of you.

Lots of love,
Jacqkie! said…
Bethskiboo: Oh dear don't worry. I've been pretty busy meself :) I miss you too, don't worry I'm all good here. Just struggling with packing.


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