Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pre-Departure Update

Pre-departure talk: DONE (one of the speaker was hot, it's a she mind you)
AirTickets: DONE

The rest will only be done later, or only when I'm in Adelaide. Fingers crossed everything will turn out fine.

But, Carmen, Cindy and I bought the tickets right after orientation and we'll definitely miss the whole ice-breaking thing. And to my kind, most generous friends there in Adelaide; I hope you guys won't mind showing us around campus to make sure we won't get lost and have anxiety attack or something ;)

So for those who are wondering, I'm leaving on Friday, July 17, 9.50 pm and will reach there early in the morning, around 7am.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I want a webcam!

Dell is the shit.

I've been using this laptop since I first came to KL, and as far as I can remember nothing extremely terrible has ever happened to this laptop, or me. It's been nearly four years, and though this thing has gone through many - everything else remains intact.

Anyway, mom wanted me to buy a new laptop before Adelaide. I was quite surprise when she "asked" me to, especially since I'm pretty notorious in losing handphones. She wanted me to get a new laptop because according to her, my laptop is too old, and too huge. Which is of course true, but I have grown to love this baby so so much that it would feel extremely weird owning a brand new one. This baby had had so many viruses, and sweet memories with me I don't know whether I could bring myself to say goodbye to it. What do you think?

Other than that, my mum suggested to pass this laptop to my sister when she starts her college. I feel terribly bad if I do so! I mean, it's like picking up someone's leftover plus, it's not fair for her. She deserves to get a brand new one, or a laptop of her choice for her first one, right? But my baby sister is another angel la pula, she never cares and usually she accepts everything we decide for her. Hmm.

Anyway, if there's a reason needed for me to want to buy a new laptop is because I want to have a built-in webcam before Adelaide. I want to Skype, or WebCam with DarenBaby :) But it would be too much, and it would be like a waste of money to buy a whole new laptop. But mummy, she keeps on playing devil's advocate, you'know trying to make sure I will regret bringing this huge-ass laptop all the way to Adelaide. I mean, I get what she means but I guess five months won't kill me.

I went Winter Shopping today when DarenBaby was in class. I got myself a pair of hand-gloves (better safe, than frozen), a brown jacket, a black long sweat-shirt, a couple of new bras and two pair of socks. I have promised myself not to mess-up my packing and my room, so everything newly bought will not be opened or unpack. Because GADDAYM, packing sucks. When I told mum I bought hand-gloves, she laughed. I know it sounds silly, expecting like a blizzard or something but I told her, it's better to come prepared. And she laughed at me again. Oh well!

I have also given a few items to DarenBaby's cousin who's staying alone in some Condo in Subang, and thankfully, he's awesome and humble enough to accept my second hand items :) Thank You KJ!

Okay, what else? Oh yeah, corresponded with this guy from BreezeMag and tada! Here are some of the pics from my blog (but not all owned by me) that was published in the magazine. Please, find yourself in those pictures! ;)

Jacqueline @ Jacqkie Rowena

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Worst Week

Listening to Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate

This is going to be a sad post. Well, I'll try.

The past week was probably the weirdest, and most heartbreaking for me. Although I didn't show it on my face nor I ran to anyone about my problems, I couldn't bring myself to - simply because it was moreso an internal dilemma, y'know. It's not the kind of conflict that involves anyone, because if it did - it would be alot easier to handle. Seriously.

Leaving for Adelaide hit me real hard last Saturday and continued 'till today. I was so happy that he manage to accompany me to church last week, and I was thanking him every other minute, making sure he knows, like really knows I mean it.

Fast forward to Monday. After college, he send me back home and was about to leave me for some appointment. When he hugged me, I started crying. Cried all my worries, wanting him to understand that I want him to stay to spend more time with me. I couldn't say it, it's unfair and desperate. He told me all the things I needed to know, and then and there I realised all the things I will miss;

His thinking lips, where he'd unintentionally carve the cutest pout when he's worried or thinking about something, His big eyes, those eyes that I cannot stop love, those thick brows and scar that made me call him Convict, the biggest - most warmest hug I have ever received, and the most beautiful pair of ears that I kiss too many times, the most adorable tummy - that I know very well, and loved.

I have become his leech. His leech. The leech who cannot stop haunt him wherever he goes. The leech who doesn't want to give him his space even when I realise I'm doing it. The leech who wishes to go wherever he goes.

That boy is full of love, and it sucks to not be able to show it to you how much he means to me. And as much as my friends try to convince me it will be okay, no one has ever told me that it will be painful, unimaginably long and desperate it will get. No one seem to want to tell me the painful truth of the process. The process of waking up early in the morning hoping he's next to you. Make other parts of my life harder, but not this one. Just not this one.

I even believe I could deal with human problems, technology breakdown, financial problems but not separating with the person you think is almost literally your half. The person who completes your sentence, and finds the things you lost, or calm you down when you're boiling up.

There was even a point I didn't want to go on with this. That I want to run from this problem, believing that this thing would paralyse all my senses and make me inhumane again. Because of the inexplicably painful process of dehumanizing me, that I have to stop miss him to go on gracefully with my days, that I have to stop care so much to not make me want to be there and go through what he goes through. All of the sudden the process becomes ironic. To not miss him means to not care so much, to move on. It's confusing, and it's painful not knowing.

Near far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Medicines vs Psychology

Few weeks back, my classmates and I went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, and usually, whenever I'm too excited to go to themeparks I tend to completely forget about my chlorine(swimming pool water) allergy. I don't know why but the allergy has worsen over the years to the extend I couldn't sleep at night, because not only that the rashes burn, they itch like mad!

That aside, after the whole Sunway Lagoon thing, that night itself my whole body was itching like crazy. The next morning I woke up with very-very bad rashes all over my body, and not only that it looked like I've got some freaking STDs or something! (why am I always telling you bodily stories?!) Oh well, so I told Daren about it and showed the rashes and his reaction was;

"...................." (with what seemed like a constipated-forced smile)

I figured it was really getting very bad, so I agreed to follow him home that night, and he fed me with some allergy pills. He told me the pills would make me drowsy, however, he ended up falling asleep earlier than me. So okaylah, hantamlah right, I guess I was pretty strong that night.

The next night I was very busy doing my assignment right up until 3AM or so and that exhaustion drained me out. Before I went to bed, I manage to pop two of the pills again (in case you haven't been reading, scroll up what kinda pills I'm talking about) and...

I woke up at 11AM with the bestest feeling. I heard so many noises outside the house only to realise the grasscutters are already outside doing their job. Not only that, my handphone is filled with messages and phone calls, and my housephone had a few missed calls as well, and get this, my house phone's ringtone is SO annoying that it would usually wake me up by the first ring!

I was pretty impressed with the pills. Too impressed that I now understood why people take sleeping pills whenever they're stressed or unhappy. It was like a vacation. A vacation from the noises outside nor any forms of distraction you see. I wanted to pop two more pills last night, but I thought this crush of such pleasure would turn deadly if I don't think straight. Since the rashes were slowly going away, I decided to take just one and frankly the effect was not more not less than the morning before.

The thing about me is (you can ask anyone I'm close with), I don't really go to doctors nor believe in medicines (that much). My friends say I'm a rasta, which I gladly accept but I don't think I'm close to one. I refuse to take pills for period, go to doctors even for extremely bad gastric nor stomach pains (my mum would worship anyone who could drag me to see doctors) and truthfully, I haven't been to a clinic nor see a doctor (for myself) once since 4 years ago.

It's wrong yes, I don't know whether I'm a cheapskate or not but I tend to believe everything is psychology. As far as I can remember the only few medicines I take are Pei Pa Kao, any random minyak angin, Salonpas (mmmmm, my favourite) and Panadol.

I know this might contradict with whatever I just posted, but remember kids - always always be cautious and remember to visit your doctor whenever should. That gastric could possibly be something else (I swear I will go to doctors when I start working), but also know that NOT ALL sickness means a visit. It could only mean a free pass to PS2 or skipping assignments, and of course rest.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Second last update

Hey fellow readers and friends, I hope I didn't scare you with my title, ANYHOO;

As promised, I've updated Jacqkieseconds with a couple of random/ clothes items, (6 items to be exact). Sorry for such minimal updates, after more packing I've realised that most of the stuffs should be donated because they're either not in excellent-for-sell condition or for kept.

But please stay tuned because my last update is by the end of the month, and Jacqkieseconds will no longer exist after that. So check Jacqkieseconds out for cheaper, and easier access to second-hand random items, clothes, CDs while they're still available.

Remember, please feel free to check Jacqkieseconds for anything that might interest you! After all, one man's poison, is another' man's meat.

Err, well, you get what I mean...


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simon Pegg's new movies?


It felt like Desperate Housewives' episode yesterday was aired right on time for me and Daren. We're both struggling to accept the fact that I'm leaving for Adelaide soon and I don't think some of you get it, but this is the first time I'll be separated with him since never which means, without a doubt we're both scared of the unexpected. We're both trying hard to play our part as a partner to assure and convince another that nothing curseful will happen. I'm scared, of course, but night after night I try to tell myself not to worry of the unexpected because more often than not, we are the ones who will choose our destiny, no?

Although I was painfully tired just now, I manage to make us some spaghetti for dinner, not my personal best, but that sweet boy finished it nonetheless. The sauce was not too spicy as he liked it, no parsley to mix with the spaghetti but other than that, everything else ngam. I am definitely going to miss that boy who never-ever fail to surprise me with the amount of food he can eat.

So I'm left with a handful of assignments, and since they're mostly written assignments (I am not the brightest in practical) I should think it would be fine. Hopefully, stress won't come too soon because I'm enjoying my relaxing days. I couldn't bring myself to pack (sorry Jacqkieseconds readers, will update asap), simply because I will either get too emotional or too tired. Packing is hardwork, and it requires for you to do it at your best time and so far, my days are pretty occupied with daren, rest, work, friends and daren's family.

OH! I forgot to mention about my latest celebrity crush! Okaylah, technically he doesn't have the looks to be considered a fan's crush, but his wittiness kills me! SIMON PEGG! See, for me to love one actor/ comedian so much, he/ she must possess certain criterias, which are ;

1. Realistic dramatic facial expressions
2. Cute, (Dicitonary's definition of... )
3. and last but not least, is excellent at presenting both lame and intellectual jokes with the right amount of 1 & 2.

The other favorite is Kevin James! :) Come to think about, it looks like I'm prone to liking man with them meat ey? They're like the cutest, I tell you. Forget about hunky, toned, or even pretty boys! They don't make funny faces better than these people do, and it's just not right without the money-maker face.

Did I tell you that I'm growing to dislike blogs (more like pictures album) of people who are constantly posting up pictures of them in events, camwhoring away or and even modelling (seems like everyone is one nowadays)?! Self-publicising is for Facebook, not blogs I believe. Where were the days that blogs were actually like daily journals, complete with vivid descriptions of their daily encounters or mishaps, and even funny drawings of how all these thing occured, where, why?

I'm not usually this cynical (lie), so to all those readers of BreezeMag, hello and keep reading! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flights Promotion, and ...Amsterdam

I am so friggin' tempted to buy tickets to Amsterdam. Or even Buenos Aires.

The impulsiveness would probably bite me back in the ass but since the flights promotions are excruciatingly tempting, sometimes your stupidity are better reasons than real reasons. Like those mumbo jumbo you come up with when your mum ask you why you do it. See, it's so much harder to lie.

After this year, I'm done with university.I don't know whether this will be the end or the beginning of freedom, because though I might be accounting my own money from then onwards, there's a huge part of me (and yours' too I believe) that wants immediate pocket money whenever we ask for it. Minus the fact of course, some of us are actually extremely hardworking and loves that hard-earned money. Really?

So back to Amsterdam, my point is I want a vacation. I mean, when is vacation ever enough? Just when I thought life is all party again, I'm back clicking and staring at the same page every darn day (Facebook included). Sometimes I would end up falling asleep with both my hands on the keyboard, all for alphabetical validation. Not only work eats you up inside, sometimes it's just too many of them! I'm not complaining mine (sometimes yes there are too many of these paperworks), but I think we all understand that this vicious life-cycle of people connecting with one another, is strangely taxing each other.

Other than that, I'm working with Flash for the latest assignment. Not the pina-colada moments, but it's pretty okay I must not lie. The colors, the graphics and it's flexibility in writing anything you want is not too bad.

More substantial post next time, I swear. Too busy these days with home, the second home, work and flights promotions.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gastric & BSB

At this very moment, the nightcrickets are making the perfect harmonious for a good night sleep, and the knowing that my baby sister is sweetly sleeping on the bed (where I will join her later) brings joy to my heart.

I love this place.

Referring to my title, last Saturday was bittersweet. That night before, the boys finally decided to make Melaka happen. People that (supposedly) followed were, Geoffrey, Kent, Daren, Amir, Brian, me and fishy Dara! Unfortunately, only that morning Amir informed us about the sad news that he couldn't join us! If he were to FFK us we would probably kicked his ass, but this time it was really his dad - since he had to leave his girl, Dara as well. After much persuading, fast forward, we finally had proper breakfast at around 11.30AM in Subang. When we started the journey, I was still okay, had quite an empty stomach but I thought we'd reach there by 1PM or so and could straight away have our lunch. BOY WAS I WRONG!

We reached there at 3PM.

The jam killed us but quietly, my stomach was already shouting cannibalistically, if that's even a word. See the thing about me that pisses Daren off all the time is the fact that I act macho when it comes to my 'disease'. It's not that big of a deallah, but I have bad gastric. Okaylah, very bad gastric - very bad that I don't think I've shared this with anyone.

I'm not too sure whether anyone has it, but it's quite rare to find someone who complains much about gastric when infront me. Maybe it's because of that, the rarity of gastric among my friends makes it even harder for me to voice out the need for me to eat AT THAT TIME. First of all, everyone must know that Gastric/ Gastritis varies between people. The symptoms, sickness, causes and everything else, varies with different people and different lifestyle. Personally, I think it's a hereditary disease for me. All of us has it in the family. My brother rarely experiences it and sometimes he's in disbelief as well as in to why he could have it, (but whatever).

Here's the history!

I had my first oddest stomach pain when I was nine. You saw it, NINE. And honestly, I really didn't know what I ate or what I did before that to have made me gotten it. It started of with sharp pains that would come and go. It occured every 10-15 minutes, and because I was too young I didn't remember telling my teacher about the aches, until my teacher realised I was sweating all over and all that pain I hold through for hours, finally showed in my face.
I was taken to the teacher's office and was rested flat on the chairs. I couldn't. I just couldn't. My stomach hurts so badly that I had to constantly put pressure on it by pressing it with both my left and right arms.

Mummy came for me after she received the emergency calls.

Years, years and years of experiencing it finally made me see through what were my causes to my Gastric. Through analysing my body, I've researched, identified and fine tuned what were the reasons behind it, hopefully with the right solutions, and it's because of all that fainting in the toilet and dragging of my body whenever I experienced it (of course also with after numerous of clinic visits), I finally get to pin point the causes which are,

1. I am not allowed to have too many gassy/ asidic- nitric, citrus drinks (Bicarbonate sodas, some of the juices ; apple, orange, mango etc)
2. I am not allowed to have any alcohol without having proper meals before hand
3. I am not allowed to have too much of spicy or soury food
4. I am not allowed to skip any meals
5. And by far the most important, I'm supposed to follow a certain timing of when to eat (say for example, 4/5 days I had my lunch around 11-3, I CANNOT have my lunch later than 3 on the fifth day)

Just like other sicknesses or allergies that you and I have, over the years you will learn to adopt it, match it with your surroundings and your lifestyle, but somehow mine has gotten worst. To the extend not only will I get stomach aches, I would get really really high fever if I skip any meals as well, especially lunch.

Among the worst I've had my gastric was once when I was in form 1, during a party. Just because I started the party with A, I repeat A can of Orange F & N - I started having the pains after an hour from the first can. All the food that I consumed after the orange drink - were vomitted, pooped out, vomitted again until I was so weak I couldn't carry myself up and my face was rested on the toilet bowl like it's life. Next thing I knew, my friends were screaming and knocking hard on the door asking me whether I was alright. I fainted for a brief moment.

Sometimes, these pains would last for days like what I had yesterday. From Saturday, right up till yesterday, Monday. I was resting on the bed the (literally) whole weekend after Melaka! Not only was it an overkill to my appetite (sometimes I could only eat one spoon of rice), it's also annoyingly uncomfortable when I have to pass all the gasses either through burps, or... yeah. You know.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now! Thank God! I was already feeling all gloomy when I couldn't eat much of my mum's food yesterday, now yippee yeay! :)

Oh, please enjoy this! It's my baby, Brian, Geoff, me and Kent singing BSB. Don't tell them it's up! It's not too clear, but oh well :)

Jacqueline @ Jacqkie Rowena

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trekkies Overload

If you think I was bad, imagine winning Sunburst, Rihanna, Jason Mraz, almost all of the movie previews, luncheons, & dinners, more concerts every friggin' month.

Let me introduce to you my friend, Jian Hao. (no picture, so imagine a tall chinese guy with American accent and always, always make this face -.-, oh thick eyebrows)

He's a freak of nature.

Well he called me up that day to watch the premier of Star Trek and offered me another free ticket which he naturally assumed would be Daren's (hehe). I immediately said yes because well, it's free! As much as you people out there try to convince yourself that it's just "Star Trek" don't deny that envy feelings you have cause he got it for free alright. Even I cursed him.

Anyway, he asked me to participate in some activities, so I went to the Trekkies' convention earlier (never in a million years would I imagine I'd go for one or even freaking say this) and was greeted with;

I stopped. What the hell should I respond?!

I wanted to burst out a laugh but I tried hard not to, 'cause well this is their turf. When I saw Jian Hao, I ran to him and started pouring my worries about the Treasure Trek that we'll be participating. I know Jackshit! And then he answered,

"I'M A TREKKIE VIRGIN TOO OKAYYYY". Too loud everyone started looking at us. I mean, every Trekkie started looking at us.

Went for the Treasure Trek and had so much of fun. Blisters on both smallest toes, ran around One Utama like it's Sales, and well my favourite part was lucky draw.

By the end of the convention/ gathering, I was really focusing on winning the damn uniform! Yeah the one that all of them were wearing! They were giving away those uniforms during the lucky draw, and guess what, I was the last winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means I got the uniform. The trekkie uniform! Ngahahahahaha. So happy okay? Although I don't know much about Star Trek (just a little bitla actually- not that bad), well I recognised their faces and character names but if you start talking to me about the whole history and that whatever continuum thing I would probably just give you the fake nod. In my world, fake nod means, lullaby.

Right before the movie, we gathered and waited to see whether we won that Treasure Trek and of course, we didn't. Dahlah not one jackshit we knew about the movie, we have to explore One Utama pulak tuh. Goodness. It was like the worst combination ever!

Fast forwarded to the movie screening, security was WAY too tight that all types of technology/including Jian Hao's donuts were put away! :(

Whateverlah, the movie was good. Not kidding. But then again, don't trust me too much, I'm not a true Trekkie fan so yeah. Loved the action though, and Spock. He's a cool character.

Till then,

*doing that thingymajinggy that fella up there is doing with his right hand*

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.