Let's backpack!

I'm planning something for me and my boyfriend before leaving for Adelaide. I know it will only be for a Semester, but a Semester means a huge deal for someone who's committed in a relationship like me. I'm not planning to replace him, plus I'm coinciding the vacation with his birthday!

I'm thinking of going;

a) backpacking
b) vacation
c) one-day roadtrip

Money is like the main issue for everything! Luckily, we're both pretty okay at prioritising and strategising our expenses that best suits just us.

And frankly speaking, he's the best travel companion any one could ever have! He takes charge when I needed him too. He prioritised my convenience (because my bagpack is as heavy as me I think), wait okaylah too exaggarated I would be dead by then, he kisses me on my forehead whenever I'm exhausted of walking and he makes me laugh at the silliest things especially when it comes to funny explorations or discoveries. And he manages our money well I feel so secured.

I tell you this, I'm assured to have wrinkles (because I laugh way too much) but at least I'll die happy *grins*.

Okay after much digressing I think you guys pretty much know what I want, and please feel free to help me, I neeeeed your help!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
Hmmmm......how about a trip to Langkawi? You can do what my family did, fly into Langkawi and get a car rental service for a weekend. YOu can go to Cenang Beach or Kuah town. ^^ The best thing is, there's great seafood, great beaches, tax-free shopping and lots of sights to see. You get your vacation AND your road-trip because you seriously need to drive everywhere. it takes about an hour from Cenang to Kuah? (since people drive so slow)

And I'm so excited for you to come to Adelaide. I haven't gone to Student Living's office, but I did email them about vacancies. When are you planning to come? I'll prolly go to Melbourne or Sydney for winter hols in June before Winter school (Study Period 4), hopefully you can join me? ^^ You can't go to Aussie without going to either one of those places?
Jacqkie! said…
Audrey: thanks for your two cents babe! I was thinking of penang as well. Since this trip is for daren, I would love to visit a place that is both good on food and sports! :)

Adelaide, herm. I'm coming July. And mum said they'll (sister) will go to Brisbane after I'm done and asks me to go meet them there. I don't know about Melbourne and Sydney though. :)Thanks again love!

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