I'm coming home

Hello guys!

So sorry for not updating much this past month, I guess I've been pretty busy doing my assignments and attending parties/events lately. These things take a whoooooooleeeeee lot of me I tell you.

This is a quick update, I bought my tickets back home so take note that I'll be around KK from (Sunday) May 3 - (Friday) May 8. But no dates nor promises will be made with any of you (just yet) because I'm prioritising family, Ad stuffs and then friends :)

My classmates and I were planning to go for our first roadtrip together to Penang and Setiawan, but because I only have two weeks of holiday - I had to choose either the first, or the second week to settle all my banking, credit card, passport transfers or needs before flying off to Ad which means I might have to forgo the roadtrip. Fortunately, everything is not finalised yet so fingers crossed!

It has been more than two months I've been delaying the purchase, and thanks to my aunt who forwarded me about a special weekend promotion, I managed to get return tickets for RM300++ in total. Usually, it goes up to RM400++ which means I saved quite alot eh? After the purchase comes the packing. Don't you feel lucky not living so far away from home? *frowns*

Ah, packing is the best part!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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