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Before you do anything, please click here, thank you I love you very strong.

When I say adventure, I mean freakingdaymitsampaisakitbelakang Adventure alright. It took me about 4 hours to clear up pretty much alot of the stuffs in my room. And it's just alot, not ALL okay!

I've asked Karen on what other organisations/homes that I can donate to, and thankfully this has fueled me to pack all the stuffs I'll be donating. Which include stationaries, toiletries, clothes, plush toys for the kids, iron, earrings and other random stuffs.

Gifts will be kept, for all the obvious reasons. Though some that were received by exes will be donated, because frankly, I'm not in excellent terms with any of them.

I'll let the pictures tell you how horrible it was to pack. Before you give me the crazy eye, let me give you an important piece of information. This room has occupied at least 4 people (not at the same time). Which means random stuffs were accumulated leaving me the last, latest person staying there to pack up layers, and layers of my cousins' and my brother's random items! And I'm talking towels, speakers, MEDICINE BOOKS THAT ARE THICK LIKE HELL, books, files, let's just say there were tons of them.

I mean yes, I could leave some of my stuffs as well, but I don't think it would be civilised that way. Plus, I'm already leaving my furnitures as built-in furniture for the next tenant so leaving random papers and all that would be like, occupied you know what I mean?

Here's the desk, where all the stress happens.

Next, this is where I decide what goes back KK, what comes with me to Ad, what will go to charity and what will be sold. If you cross reference with Jacqkieseconds you will find out that I'm selling less than 5% of my wardrobe collection. Because, most of the clothes I have are either non-casual or non-fitting, hahahahahaha (get the joke?!). Okay, move on.

This used to be my brother's huge ass television and Xbox/ PS 3 set. When he took everything away, I thought of using it as a makeup table and whatever not, but look how many random stuffs I have (PERSONALLY!) now?!! I mean good golly, seriously, as far as I know I don't shop THIS much, but I have like weirdest items, from spotlights (my brother's) to a bag full of plastic bags! Okay wait, I can explain the sarung you spotted. My mum gave me when I first came to KL, because she was worried I might leak at night.

Where do I start. The mirror is broken and because I was too blardy lazy to change mirrors since I'm leaving anyway I leave it just as that, I have an inexplicable paint brush lying on that table, news bulletin church which I don't think I've ever referred to, and yes speakers.

These are my plush toys collection. From left, was given from my sister when I first came KL. She wanted me to take care of it making sure I don't have my lonely nights. The second was given as a christmas present from my cousin. The third was from Project Phunk. We succesfully received so many sponsorships from TY that I got to bring one home. The shrek's ear was given by my colleague from Cinema Online, she so schweet. The last one was given from sweetheart's brother on my birthday. Tell me, how can you consider of giving these things away, but how do bring all also to your luggage, howwww lah.

This was after two hours of doing abit of cleaning up. And spot the WTF ness in this picture.

Got ah? Well if you see clearly, there's one iron at top far left of the picture and another one on bottom left. I HAVE TWO IRON. TWO. And right after stressing out about the two irons I have, I saw another one. *exhale*

And of course, random boxes under my bed as well. I still haven't checked those out. See, packing would be alot easier if my hometown was somewhere nearer. But the only mode of transportation to my house is a freaking plane. Really, how do I settle these things?

Can you still blame for procastinating...

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Michelle said… I know how messy looks like..Lol..I'm gonna move out from my dorm room next mth as well..hopefully can get a better room next sem..hate to think bout packing..urghh
Jacqkie! said…
Michelle: I knowww. Argh packing is such a burden! :( Hopefully, you get a good room :)
Yuenny said…
HOLY COW JACQKIE! hahahah chill la, you have 30kg to fly to adl.. when you coming? fly with meeeeee :D
Lydia said…
Jacqkie! said…
Yuenny: I know. Bah, fly with you and the rest who's coming to Adelaide maybe. I'll let you know.

Lydia: Yabah. I know. :/

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