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I'm coming home

Hello guys!

So sorry for not updating much this past month, I guess I've been pretty busy doing my assignments and attending parties/events lately. These things take a whoooooooleeeeee lot of me I tell you.

This is a quick update, I bought my tickets back home so take note that I'll be around KK from (Sunday) May 3 - (Friday) May 8. But no dates nor promises will be made with any of you (just yet) because I'm prioritising family, Ad stuffs and then friends :)

My classmates and I were planning to go for our first roadtrip together to Penang and Setiawan, but because I only have two weeks of holiday - I had to choose either the first, or the second week to settle all my banking, credit card, passport transfers or needs before flying off to Ad which means I might have to forgo the roadtrip. Fortunately, everything is not finalised yet so fingers crossed!

It has been more than two months I've been delaying the purchase, and thanks to my aunt who forwarded me about a special we…

Happy Earth Day!

If you're using Google you'd most likely to know that today is Earth Day. Frankly, for someone who tries hard to do her part for mother nature - I really didn't know today was Earth Day. It's the workload, it's crawling up to my head! Okay, okay no excuses. But I'm still trying, and hopefully in time I'll keep this in mind.

For whatever that's left - Happy Earth Day/Night, and remember Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

Oh I was pretty bored one day and decided to have fun with my brother's paint lefotvers. Here's also an interesting fact about him, his real love is drawing/ painting /artsy stuffs but well, he decided to make it as a hobby. Quite the opposite, I'm a total dumbass when it comes to arts - hence the fingerprint art. Like, that's the easiest!

For those of you who are most of the time accompanied by the idiotbox (like ME), remember to let go of your imagination once in a while and write, draw, sing and dance whenever you feel like to!



There was a time when we all know the directions in life.

We woke up at 6am, after 5 minutes of rebelling - we got up, took (what seemed like) the coldest shower ever, and cursed our parents over school's torturous rules, bargained the the idea of skipping class with good results in the next Maths' test and...

After failing miserably in all attempts to skip school that day, we dragged our long faces to the car. Upon finally reaching the school's entrance we see other kids lingering around, we waved hi to those we talk to, and comment on those we don't, a rush of adrenaline shot up through our body and the school looked more appealing than our mum.

There was a point in life when everything seemed to go absolutely wrong but your friends could always help you. Your parents could. Your siblings could. Whenever you were uncertain about what to wear or what competitions to join, you summoned them.

You know that crossroad between adulthood and bluewhite uniforms? The crossroad be…

The Adventure of...


Before you do anything, please click here, thank you I love you very strong.

When I say adventure, I mean freakingdaymitsampaisakitbelakang Adventure alright. It took me about 4 hours to clear up pretty much alot of the stuffs in my room. And it's just alot, not ALL okay!

I've asked Karen on what other organisations/homes that I can donate to, and thankfully this has fueled me to pack all the stuffs I'll be donating. Which include stationaries, toiletries, clothes, plush toys for the kids, iron, earrings and other random stuffs.

Gifts will be kept, for all the obvious reasons. Though some that were received by exes will be donated, because frankly, I'm not in excellent terms with any of them.

I'll let the pictures tell you how horrible it was to pack. Before you give me the crazy eye, let me give you an important piece of information. This room has occupied at least 4 people (not at the same time). Which means random stuffs were accumulated leaving me the last,…

From Subang to Adelaide

Listening to - Jason Wade You Belong To Me

In about 3 months, I'll be separated with Daren. He could only make it to the last year, but since I'm back then he would probably revise everything.

Watching Marley & Me just now didn't help, of course it worsen my situation. I can't find a reason to be excited eventhough I should like everyone else, since it's a new place, new friends. But to me, home is where my heart is and clearly it follows wherever he goes.

When I was walking alone to Section 14 to buy some food just now, I almost cried remembering all the good memories we've shared. The wonderful things he has done for me, the beautiful things he has said to me it's the kind of pain that I know will reopen once I'm there all to myself. I cannot describe that boy's contribution to my growth. He has his remarkable ways in handling life, and I've always looked up at him for being the sweetest person any girl could have ever met.

I've done long …

Let's backpack!

I'm planning something for me and my boyfriend before leaving for Adelaide. I know it will only be for a Semester, but a Semester means a huge deal for someone who's committed in a relationship like me. I'm not planning to replace him, plus I'm coinciding the vacation with his birthday!

I'm thinking of going;

a) backpacking
b) vacation
c) one-day roadtrip

Money is like the main issue for everything! Luckily, we're both pretty okay at prioritising and strategising our expenses that best suits just us.

And frankly speaking, he's the best travel companion any one could ever have! He takes charge when I needed him too. He prioritised my convenience (because my bagpack is as heavy as me I think), wait okaylah too exaggarated I would be dead by then, he kisses me on my forehead whenever I'm exhausted of walking and he makes me laugh at the silliest things especially when it comes to funny explorations or discoveries. And he manages our money well I feel so secured.