Thai Club KL (PG 13)

**Profanity words involved

I've been to alot of clubs from all around Malaysia, the dodgiest, the best and the most packed - but what I saw last night was an eye-opener I've never experienced in all my clubbing life before.

If it wasn't for my friend, I would have thought that that place was a brothel.
When I first entered the club area, I saw five Chinese ladies wearing minis, sitting suggestively. They were grumbling and complaining in Chinese which I can only assume the slow business.

I went in and was taken to sit behind the bars (literally), and waited to be served with drinks. All of the sudden I felt too green to be in that place. All the Angmoh men around me were caressing at least one woman, feeding them alcohol like it's water, and licking and kissing their faces like only a lover should. Other tables were gambling so openly, I felt suspicious, ashamed, and out of place.

Other older men around were looking at me like I was this cold meat, that I was there by force (which I was), and that they could read what I was thinking - that what we're doing is a disgrace. I got scared for a minute, diverting my disgusted face to focusing on the foreigners dancing on stage craving for attention from the crowd.

Things got a little nastier when they played Pussycat Dolls. One girl got up to the podium next to the DJ and started shaking her ass, intentionally sliding her super-mini-skirt upwards slowly showing off her black panty. The men around her got excited making noises like animals preying for food. The DJ joined her at the podium, and started dancing with her to what turned into a public dry-hump.

My cousins and I were slightly offended by the display of such Vegas-like behaviours of the crowd, "slightly" because we were laughing in disbelief as well. I was looking around trying to find people who were in the same state of mind as ours, but to our expectation everyone were doing the same thing as well.

It was like mass orgy.

The boys on my left were trying their luck on a young Chinese lady aged maybe around 17-21, gave her free drinks and started a queue to make out with her. The couple on my right was doing a dryhump as well, with the obese Indian man which I assume is filthy rich because he had a Rolex on his left hand, dancing with her also to what looked like as 'buttfucking' the lady.

A couple on my far right was fighting and screaming their lungs out at each other, and in seconds they stormed out of the bar. The girl which was a non-local, a Thai or a Phillipino was pulling the Angmoh's shirt and holding on to it forcing him to stay, the Angmoh furious, pushed the lady to the floor so brutally - I was so close to run and console her, but she got up quickly and started chasing after him.

I was more worried than shock.

At that instant, I saw what parents see in clubbing, what non-clubbers hate about clubbing, why we labelled clubbers, why others appreciate other activities more than clubbing. It was like a sneak peak of hell. Though I also do believe that my guilt senses were amplified because it's lent.

I didn't want to judge any of the men, nor the women. But it was almost impossible either not to put the blame on them on cases such as knocked-up and women classified as sex objects. I never really opposed prostitution but last night pushed me to contradict myself. The whole thing look so messed up, never had I seen and felt so much sex in my life before, there was a moment I even considered not going to such places anymore.

It was just a moment, after much ignoring other people I ended up having a really good time.

Jacqkie@ Jacqueline Rowena


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you should have had a blast......hahahahaha

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