Last year of Degree

Classes started few weeks ago, and by next week I have four assignments to pass up.

The timetable is disrupting my eating habits, the classes are draining me out causing me to pick up sleeping inconsistencies. Basically, as soon as I reach home (usually with bad migrain), I will immediately go to my bed and sleep. I will usually wake up at about 8 something, and doesn't get hungry because I had tea-break at around 3pm.

So I wake up feeling confused on whether or not I should eat dinner and do my work. I will eventually not eat dinner, use the laptop until late at night, and then feel hungry.

That's what I mean by disrupting my mealtimes! :(

I've tried changing my daily routine the past few days since sleeping late and waking up early is never productive to me no matter how many of my friends are able to do it ; I just can't. I have been trying to stay awake after class and making sure I eat my dinners, drain myself until I'm really out of my battery and sleep before 12am, so that I can wake up - refreshed!

I'm currently in my last year of Degree which means I'll be working next year. I cannot believe I've been in Taylor's College for 4 years now, studying in this field I love the most. Sure there are things about this field I wish to be changed, but perfect is boring.

Advertising has been tiring. We've been watching way too many advertisements for our own good. Some are funny, some are just plain nonsensical. We have to breath and see advertising, making sure we take chances in analysing the advertisements whenever we can.

Despite all I've said, I love my university life, I know I'll miss it, and it's an experience like no other.

So ladies, and gentlemen - It's cool to stay in school! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Daryl said…
Hahahah....yep....mine is at least 3 years...since we started as the march intake of the diploma programe....friends came and go...and yet there were many wonderful memories throughout the semester here in Taylor's College....we cried and many events especially during Mr Indy's class.....yet there were also bitter momments when....friends turned to enemies....which led to the separation of the has it's moments....which would be carried forward....throughout your life....
Daryl said…
But speaking of advertising....that's the fun part...of it....especially with the creatives in the creative department of an get an have to be fun, crazy...and yet do things that will spark that flame....and yea....we do eat, sleep and breath's basically our life.....hehehehehehehhe
Jacqkie! said…
Daryl: hey daryl, what comments you have! thank you! you are right about the friends turning to foe part. It's not easy being friends with everyone, you have to have similarities and whatnot to be able to stick in one group.

As for graduating, believe me when I say this, no matter when you graduate - you'll definitely have a different mindset about life :)
Daryl said…
Jackie>> Sometimes it's more than not "not easy being friends with everyone..."....At times u may know as well as mix with certain people from different intakes....and it isn't neccesary always the simillarities in interest...all that can change as well...especially when it comes to group Comm Project Management....and that's where it all starts....the accusations, finger pointing...,the fights, personal well as the disagreements with terms of graduating....that's true...your mindset would mature....and often look at life from a different compared to life in high school....

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