Jason Mraz Live in KL

Sorry for delaying this post, I only decided to blog about Jason Mraz Live in KL after having trouble sleeping caused by gastric.

That aside, let's focus on what I'm really supposedly to be blogging about now. Jason Mraz came down to KL last Tuesday (I really wanted to stalk him at KLIA that day, but I got class) for his concert in Stadium Negara on 4th March.

Daren drove to the Stadium, with me, Shaneil & Denise tagging along. It was our first time driving there, so we got lost for abit but almost immediately found our way back after recognising the landmarks and whatnot. Reached there pretty late, RM10 for parking (I was like, WTF?! at first, then realised that I haven't paid anything for this concert just yet, so might as well) and miraculously bumped into Jenhan & Carmen as they reached there a couple of minutes later than us. So I passed to them their tickets, and bought some food, and part our own ways (different tickets).

We weren't allowed to bring in cameras to the concert - but I ignored their warn of course, and brought the camera in only to realise, about a million more cameras were flashing away! I started snapping seconds after seated!

The concert started at about 8.10pm, with Make it Mine as his opening song! Omg, everyone else was so damn excited we were (ahem, me) screaming and shrieking so loudly after 7 years of waiting! He was quite thoughtful actually, when he came on stage he asked whether everyone was there already and started the show after gazillions answered him back with screams!

He was amazing. Beyond amazing! Wait, that's an understatement. He was inexpicably good that I swear, there's even a point where I was salivating because I was wowing (literally jaw-drop) making that huge O for far too long! His voice sounded just like what we'd always hear in the radio, but better! He was funny throughout the whole concert shaking his bootey with cheesy dance moves, and even interacted with the crowd with some dance tips!

I knew he was a cool guy, but I couldn't believe he was THAT cool.

Opening Song - Make it Mine (Latest Album)

Check out the three Saxophone players, they're wearing Malaysian FC Shirt!

You have to YouTube this part! Right before Dynamo of Volition

Them waving goodbye :(

Check out his shirt!

Almost every intro for his songs were different from each and another. He even mixed some songs of Bob Marley's and Oasis' Wonderwall, how awesome is that! Oh, he played the small guitar as well - and he's freaking good.

I don't dare say which was my favourite but if you have to make me swear against his name, I would probably pick Geek in the Pink. The song's energetic and he makes us even more excited and pumped up with his rapping - goodness, that whiteboy was born to rap I tell you!

He's brilliant in bringing the crowd all hyped up and stuff, throwing out cheeky remarks and playing around with the ladies especially after countless of times asking the girls to follow his words, and was incredibly witty with his jokes!

What I was so envious the most was the part that he threw Polaroid pictures of him/ band members with the audience at that instant, and threw it away at that moment too! Argh! I was seated far enough for me not to be able to get 'em, so I was pretty dissapointed at that. Sedih. If I get that, it would probably the best concert memento ever!!!

Here's a list of the songs that he sang (not in order and that I remember):
1. Make it Mine
2. Dynamo of Volition
3. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
4. Live High
5. Butterfly
6. Beautiful Mess
7. I'm Yours
8. Geek in the Pink
9. Lucky
10. You and I Both
11. Life is Wonderful

After Mraz, I hope India Arie comes next :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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