I think I love high heels way too much

...or I'm just plain short and I hate that fact.

High heels are unhealthy creations. They make your legs shake when walking on rough surface, and you will constantly feel unstable. My mum told me when you age, you'll get Athritis or cold knees for wearing too much heels during your younger years. I don't know whether this is a fact, but there's something about it that is so belivable and realistic.

Yet, I check them out more than I check out hot people. I drool over them. I get envious when I see celebrities wear them. I dream over them. I googled them. I learned about them.

There's this common understanding among all ladies that the prettier the heels are, the more painful they are too. Especially when they have gorgeous colourful stones as decoration or straps that are taking way too much of our time when we put them on.

Today, I wore heels for 10hours. My personal best record was 19hours. It was from 6AM to 1AM, inclusive of walking towards the LRT Station which is about 5 minutes from my house, and back. Of course there are times I sat down comfortably, but I think all of you would agree with me that heels aren't socks, nor flip-flops.

When I started dating Daren, I had more reasons to wear heels. It seems terribly unfair to look one head shorter than him, it weakens my confidence, and his thoughts worried me. Things got more serious, and more often than not he encouraged me not to try so hard when with him. Though the 6feet son of a gun can run away with any sweet words he whispers, I still love heels! Way too much and I'm now contemplating on sleeping after this and skipping assignments because that damn heels worn me offffff.

Damn, I should be like The Heels Wonderwoman or something.


Plan cancelled. TOO MUCH assignments.

Oh, went to Gloria Jean's Coffee today for the first time (tak tipu) for Ladies Day and it was pretty good. 50% off on food and drinks for ladies, so that was the time I get to temberang abit. Heee Heee. Had three items from the menu and everything cost less than RM10! Highly Recommended from Moi!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
Lol I started going to Gloria Jeans too since they don't have Starbucks here, but my mom (the coffee expert) says that Australian coffee outstands the American coffee anytime. That's why Starbucks couldn't make it here in Addie cos' everyone drank Cibo or Hudson's, and even in Melbourne and Sydney (where there is Starbucks), most of the locals prefer to go to their own local coffee houses! XP

Jacqkie! said…
Audrey: cool. Gloria Jean's seems pretty good to me. The 50% off works for me anytime! :) And oh, okay I will try and bring extra money but I highly doubt my mum would encourage me to shop there :P
phatxyra said…
heels make us lose weight wayyy lot faster..! byk dis calories burnt.. wehhee!... i almost x ksh how penat i jadi aftr wearing those devils everyday.. XD
Jacqkie! said…
phatxyra: holy shit. serious? Awesome. more heels, more heels! :P
phatxyra said…
haha.. yupsie~ ive read it in magazines b4.. cant recall which one tho..good for us.. gimme more heels! :D

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