Earth Hour @ Capsquare KL 2009

I will be attending the Earth Hour Gathering (March 28, 2009) at Capsquare Kuala Lumpur tomorrow evening from 6PM onwards!

I initially wanted to ask Calyn since I haven't seen her for super long, but it was too last minute and she wasn't sure whether she could make it; so I decided to ask the other person I haven't seen in awhile, Sway!

I got this event's tickets for free (yes, I'm a freeloader) from sweetheart for winning some random FlyFM quizzes. I've taught the boy well *grins* because I've always encouraged him to join any games or random plays when he's free. Trust me, it's fun and beneficial.

Make sure you say hello to me and my very single, very sexy, very available friend of mine if you spot us :)

ps sway: wear really sexy clothes! hahahaha. ok, don't kill me, i love you.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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