Earth Hour @ Capsquare KL 2009 pt 2

For the older generation, especially baby boomers, turning off your lights for an hour sounds nonsensical and impossible. I was talking to sweets yesterday about the event I attended, and he said none of the houses in Seremban participated, which was what exactly I expected.

Rough estimation of more than 500 people were at Capsquare attended the Earth Hour's Walk of Hope and it's countdown to lights off. It's only the first time held in Malaysia, and with the wanders of word-of-mouth, I believe in time more will join.

I don't know the real reasons for some of the youths that came, but I'm glad they did. We youths are probably the most radical, and the most outspoken of all generation so maybe it's time we agree on something similar. It was also like in another different place, so many baby boomers in dreadlocks (not kidding) and so many creativity aura it was awesome to be a part of it :) I saw this old Chinese dude in a square and round on each side framed glasses! How cute is that?

Truthfully, I wasn't sure whether my housemates would want to turn their lights off for an hour either, but something in me wanted to participate in the hype so badly. When I got the free tickets I called my working friends, and finally Sway said yes!

We reached there around 6.30PM, roamed around Capsquare and went to the redemption booth to collect random free stuffs. It didn't really look like a counter, no papers, no bags, no queues, no nothing! So I asked the lady and she melancholy said 'it's all gone.' I went emo for a few seconds but understood, 'cause we were pretty late. Then I wondered the cripes were the tickets for then? Oh well, we left the booth and checked out some environmental friendly bags. Alot, and I mean by alot of the bags are worth stealing. They're designed by both international and local designers, and none of them are for sell! It was so heartbreaking I tell you, those are the kinda bags that I digg!

Here's the designs and creative artwork convention;

This is a creative artwork out of beers!

These were among the performers that night during the one hour. I called them 'Firemen' because they breathed and played and danced with fire. I didn't get to see much because I was too short, and the guy infront of me was too tall. I peeptoed every few minutes, trying to steal a glimpse of the performances, pretty awesome especially when the fire blaze up.

Candles assembled making a big 60 was pretty cute too. I wanted to climb up the stairs of a club nearby and take a picture of it from top, but those bunch of men up there didn't allow since they were guarding the place. This is the highest and tallest I manage to take from!

To those who participated in Earth Hour in any forms, thank you so much and please start doing little by little and blessed be, you don't have to explain to your children or grandchildren what a polar bear or a lion is in future.

See you next year!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Daryl said…
Hey!! suprise suprise!!...u girls went to caps square to celebrate earth hour and went to see the designs and creative artwork convention too!!...the exhibition itself was actually part of an event called 'The KL design week 2009'...i was wanted to look at the all the designs that saturday...but instead attended another different event in the National art gallery....(By the way have u girls seen any designs by a college called PJCAD?? My dad is a full time lecturer there..) On a Sunday, i attended a conference called 'Maximum minamalism' at KLCC convention centre...that showcases designers from around the world...the entry was expensive though....and it was a a whole day....Tiring but worth every knowledge of it....Continue our efforts...for a better world....!!
Jacqkie! said…
hey daryl! keep the comments coming yo!

Sway's sister mentioned about a KL Design Week as well. I thought it was pretty cool. I love these kind of exhibitions it's awesome.

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