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Earth Hour @ Capsquare KL 2009 pt 2

For the older generation, especially baby boomers, turning off your lights for an hour sounds nonsensical and impossible. I was talking to sweets yesterday about the event I attended, and he said none of the houses in Seremban participated, which was what exactly I expected.

Rough estimation of more than 500 people were at Capsquare attended the Earth Hour's Walk of Hope and it's countdown to lights off. It's only the first time held in Malaysia, and with the wanders of word-of-mouth, I believe in time more will join.

I don't know the real reasons for some of the youths that came, but I'm glad they did. We youths are probably the most radical, and the most outspoken of all generation so maybe it's time we agree on something similar. It was also like in another different place, so many baby boomers in dreadlocks (not kidding) and so many creativity aura it was awesome to be a part of it :) I saw this old Chinese dude in a square and round on each side framed glass…

Earth Hour @ Capsquare KL 2009

I will be attending the Earth Hour Gathering (March 28, 2009) at Capsquare Kuala Lumpur tomorrow evening from 6PM onwards!

I initially wanted to ask Calyn since I haven't seen her for super long, but it was too last minute and she wasn't sure whether she could make it; so I decided to ask the other person I haven't seen in awhile, Sway!

I got this event's tickets for free (yes, I'm a freeloader) from sweetheart for winning some random FlyFM quizzes. I've taught the boy well *grins* because I've always encouraged him to join any games or random plays when he's free. Trust me, it's fun and beneficial.

Make sure you say hello to me and my very single, very sexy, very available friend of mine if you spot us :)

ps sway: wear really sexy clothes! hahahaha. ok, don't kill me, i love you.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I think I love high heels way too much

...or I'm just plain short and I hate that fact.

High heels are unhealthy creations. They make your legs shake when walking on rough surface, and you will constantly feel unstable. My mum told me when you age, you'll get Athritis or cold knees for wearing too much heels during your younger years. I don't know whether this is a fact, but there's something about it that is so belivable and realistic.

Yet, I check them out more than I check out hot people. I drool over them. I get envious when I see celebrities wear them. I dream over them. I googled them. I learned about them.

There's this common understanding among all ladies that the prettier the heels are, the more painful they are too. Especially when they have gorgeous colourful stones as decoration or straps that are taking way too much of our time when we put them on.

Today, I wore heels for 10hours. My personal best record was 19hours. It was from 6AM to 1AM, inclusive of walking towards the LRT Station which is …

Thai Club KL (PG 13)

**Profanity words involved

I've been to alot of clubs from all around Malaysia, the dodgiest, the best and the most packed - but what I saw last night was an eye-opener I've never experienced in all my clubbing life before.

If it wasn't for my friend, I would have thought that that place was a brothel.
When I first entered the club area, I saw five Chinese ladies wearing minis, sitting suggestively. They were grumbling and complaining in Chinese which I can only assume the slow business.

I went in and was taken to sit behind the bars (literally), and waited to be served with drinks. All of the sudden I felt too green to be in that place. All the Angmoh men around me were caressing at least one woman, feeding them alcohol like it's water, and licking and kissing their faces like only a lover should. Other tables were gambling so openly, I felt suspicious, ashamed, and out of place.

Other older men around were looking at me like I was this cold meat, that I was there by force…

Last year of Degree

Classes started few weeks ago, and by next week I have four assignments to pass up.

The timetable is disrupting my eating habits, the classes are draining me out causing me to pick up sleeping inconsistencies. Basically, as soon as I reach home (usually with bad migrain), I will immediately go to my bed and sleep. I will usually wake up at about 8 something, and doesn't get hungry because I had tea-break at around 3pm.

So I wake up feeling confused on whether or not I should eat dinner and do my work. I will eventually not eat dinner, use the laptop until late at night, and then feel hungry.

That's what I mean by disrupting my mealtimes! :(

I've tried changing my daily routine the past few days since sleeping late and waking up early is never productive to me no matter how many of my friends are able to do it ; I just can't. I have been trying to stay awake after class and making sure I eat my dinners, drain myself until I'm really out of my battery and sleep before 12…

Rest: The Ultimate Beauty Tip

May the sun shines on us today when we go for our shoppings, luncheons, family days and even churches. The past few days have been rather gloomy and windy, hence the flu that's been passed around to everyone. Not only that, mother nature has been pretty scary lately making every afternoons steamingly hot and every nights winterly cold (even in Malaysia).

Have a good rest, leave the alcohol for other healthier weekends, read a book and have some tea, spend time with your family while your resting at home. If you have the time for fuzziness in your heart, check out MiniMiniMiniMoe and be tingled with cuteness :)

Yes, I am easily influenced - especially when it comes to the things that is close to my heart and things that matters most. I knew about this campaign when Ms Jenny talked about it few years back, but I forgot to support it. Mum has been using anti-ageing products and I have been using beauty products since forever. Though Dove is and always will be a part of the beauty indus…

Love is in the Air!

This is the first time Daren hasn't call or sms me in 10 hours since the 18months we've been together.

I miss him terribly, but from the bottom of my heart; I am alot happier that he's out there enjoying the company of his buddies without an additional lady in the group to worry about.

Since the day we got together, we've given each other undivided attention even when we're physically separated. I'd call him every few hours to check up on him, and he'd do the same to know my whereabouts. It was like a constant reminder to each other that despite the distance, our contrasting environment always reminds us of us.

Like how I'm unable to finish my venti sized Java Chip and there was no one else who was able to gulp it for me, or when he would break awkward silence with his random wild curiousity that usually involves animals, or his disturbing excess of nature calls that always disrupts the outing's plan, or his indecisiveness in selecting what to eat from…

Kindness Revolution

I want to be like an India Arie or a Jason Mraz. They're the kind of lyricists that makes me sleep better and happier at night, injects hope and positivity to me whenever I'm reaching the stagnant point.

I first clubbed when I was 17, right after I was done with SPM. Back then, I knew they were going to play a couple of famous radio songs and I knew my natural reaction would be ' to move'. I didn't allow myself to drink at that time, only because I didn't want to break mum's trust. They were a couple of times I lied about sleeping over, but I think she figured out that long ago when she realised I've been packing heels to a sleepover.

The good times I had in all those parties and clubs, defines who I am an inch more by the day. I used to feel ashame of dancing and singing infront of my families and friends, but the more I learn to take opportunities the more I discover new things in life. There were also times how I used my age as an excuse to enjoy the h…

Jason Mraz Live in KL

Sorry for delaying this post, I only decided to blog about Jason Mraz Live in KL after having trouble sleeping caused by gastric.

That aside, let's focus on what I'm really supposedly to be blogging about now. Jason Mraz came down to KL last Tuesday (I really wanted to stalk him at KLIA that day, but I got class) for his concert in Stadium Negara on 4th March.

Daren drove to the Stadium, with me, Shaneil & Denise tagging along. It was our first time driving there, so we got lost for abit but almost immediately found our way back after recognising the landmarks and whatnot. Reached there pretty late, RM10 for parking (I was like, WTF?! at first, then realised that I haven't paid anything for this concert just yet, so might as well) and miraculously bumped into Jenhan & Carmen as they reached there a couple of minutes later than us. So I passed to them their tickets, and bought some food, and part our own ways (different tickets).

We weren't allowed to bring in came…


Listening to - Jason Mraz Live High

I'm so excited about tomorrow night, it feels surreal that the most awesomest favouritest bestest music genius in the entire world will be performing right infront of me! omygahhh!

I know not to expect much, because they're so many circumstances that could make it a bad one - it being outdoor stadium and noisy, Jason being too micromini on stage, and it raining heavily! Fear, I tell you! However, I've decided to have fun because his fans have told me that he's great with live concerts, so I really can't wait. Really.

Here's the exact story behind all those tickets I've been selling;

Exactly about a month ago, I heard from Mix FM that they're the official radio station for Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia and I couldn't help but got, so so darn excited about it! They were giving away tickets & meet & greet prizes, and I've decided to try my luck in those contests. My initial plan was to win the Meet & Greet…

Another two (2) Jason Mraz Tickets for sale![SOLD]

Detailed explaination will be posted on how I get these tickets, needless it's the wanders of prayers! :)

I'm selling off another two (2) Jason Mraz's Concert tickets worth RM138! It's the Rock Zone (Free Standing).[SOLD]

The concert is this coming Wednesday, from 8.00pm-10.00pm in Stadium Negara!

Hurry Up! The concert is already sold-out! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.