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Listening to - Kanye West Love Lockdown

Currently, I have 3 things on my mind:

1. Jason Mraz
2. Jason Mraz's concert
3. Sweets' deadly fiery jealousy of my much attention to Jason Mraz!

Sweets: Why can't you show this much excitement when it comes to me, like for Jason Mraz?!?! Eeeeesssssh! *frowns*

Omg, but you gotta love this baby. He's been like the sweetest creature I've ever met on earth! Whenever he's angry he keeps quiet, just like a little girl. When he's jealous just like in this situation, he makes what I call the 'babun' face or the long face in English, and widens his eyes for attention. Super cute! Courtesy of Denise's picture :)

That aside, it's time for real writing.

I'm diverting my attention to a couple of few things; a) I will only let you know when it finally happen, and b) sweets' football tournament. After missing lots of matches, I finally decided to watch sweets in his tournament this Friday. Before you give me the crazy eye look, in my defense, every single time I'm in the same room with sweets when he's playing football - he gets distracted. Not kidding.

I also thought it was too fairy-tale-ish to be true, but most of the time that's what happened! He will come out from the pitch feeling dissapointed, and as much as he try not to blame it on me, I knew it was a tough love we have. Always making it as a joke, I ended up not watching him play most of the time. Like I said, tough love! Tengok pun susah, tak tengok pun susah!

However, last year I was so determined to teman him in Taylor's College's Inter Department Futsal Tournament and thankfully, everything went well :) The first match was terrible, and he admitted of being distracted once in a while but within few minutes (because I sat way too far for him to be able to find me), he was kickin' it like a pro! I even walked out of the place, so that he won't be able to identify where I sat at that time, it was depressing! Nonetheless, they got second, beating up the favourites!

I'm coming honeeeyhh! Even if it means me hiding around :(

One more thing, I think it's almost a year now that I've disabled my comment box simply because I highly doubt any of my readers wants to leave any comments. True enough, as many as readers or fans (fuyooo) I might have not all will have the balls to give me comments. I don't know why actually. I do think it's also because of my posts, you know posts that don't require much opinions and stuff like that, maybe eh. What do you think?

Oh wait, you won't comment anyway.

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haha i do comment once a while :)
Jacqkie! said…
suthenesh sugumaran commented! yeay!! :)

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