I hope he'll win tomorrow

I feel so pampered.

As long as I make unhappy faces, eventhough I'm just plain tired, Daren would do crazy things just to make me happy. Seriously! Like when he bailed on me just now for dinner to send his brother; he came back after that with my favourite Ramly Burger to make me smile again! His house is at least 10-15 minutes drive (highway) to my house. I personally think it's quite a journey for just a burger & 10 minutes chat. He's such a sweetheart! I thanked him endlessly, making sure he knows how much I feel blessed and thankful to have someone like him in my life. Love you, you impulsive boyfriend.

Anyhoo, I went to Section 14 today to get myself some facial scrubber and lunch. Some of you might know that I'm trying to do abit of my part for the environment. Things like not accepting plastic bags whenever can & recycling stuffs are the basic ones. The thing about this is that you'd automatically accept plastic bags when you buy things right, but when you're SO into not plastic bags you forgot that at times you do need it! Like how I had to pause for a moment to think (seriously, like 5 seconds wei) whether I need plastic for the watermelon I'm buying. Hm.

I was like, should I buy the ones I have to eat from the skin itself?

Sweetheart is participating in Taylor's College's InterDepartment Football tournament, and I've been following him everywhere watching his matches since it started. I'm still quite shy to follow him around, cause let's just be honest, I ain't trophy girlfriend (especially in the evenings when I just woke up). But since sitting alone at the far end which also resulting in me not being able to see where my baby is, makes me look so anti-social - I try blending in.

Though I don't know all of them very well, what I can derive from the gatherings are that men can be extremely competitive, however they can be good friends with everyone too. Unlike girls, we can be very selective of our friends! It's also a pattern that the closer you are with a guyfriend, the more likely you are to curse him!

"Hahahaha, F**k you lah!" or "Your face like f**k wei, chill lah bro"

What do you think, I'm saying as a spectator.

Jacqkie @ Jacqueline Rowena


nasH said…
the "Your face like f**k wei, chill lah bro" totally reminds me of kien wei ahaha
Jacqkie! said…
hahahaha thats so boys right

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