Full, Happy, Fatty

We're not those couple that would really go blast on valentines, nevertheless we do hang out whenever that loveday comes along. We try to minimise our spending, and discourage each other from joining in any over-commercialised valentine affairs bandwagon. Of course, sometimes Daren would breach off contract. Like giving me a gift two days before anything else, and I'm always the one surprised and touched. DAMN IT.

So we went to Sakae Sushi instead, and frankly I think it's only my 3rd time eating Japanese food in a restaurant; my friends introduced me to this place few weeks back (I know kesian kan, like never go out lidat) and I didn't get to try alot during my last visit so I've decided to come here again today.

Daren and I are like freaks of nature, we took all those that looks interesting and it was so obvious that we're not sushi people! Plates piling everywhere and all! Haha, goodness. We had so much fun trying all the sushis :) I couldn't take the orange thingy (pic 3) due to psychological reasons; the thought of eating other animals's eggs, besides chicken's is not pleasant. Those are fish eggs apparently.

Wasabi! :)
Fried Tofu, Soft Shell Crab & Orgasmic Boy
This one larh
Full, Happy, Fatty

So the two chubbies who were supposedly full after the sushis bought Ice Cream after that. To wear off the sushi muakness. I don't know what it's called, ah! after taste? Herm, whatever. We bought my favourite icecream brand of all time (Lecka Lecka), gila best I tell you and decided to crash into another cafe (no wonder we're so cute). California Cafe opposite Starbucks had promotion of A Cake, and A Coffee for RM10, plus the place was pretty relaxing and they had the PASSIONS mag the one where our faces were published, so confirm good place! :D

ME: Baby, do you think they ever read that magazine?
Daren: .....
ME: Maybe they can identify us????
Daren: ......

We spent our dinners with our family members :)

As I was leaving for church today, I discovered the meaning of Valentine's. I was in the cab and saw the most sweetest thing ever; an Indian dad in his 40s gave his wife also in the 40s that was carrying her daughter a red rose, right before they cross the road. She was smiling gleefully and hold his husband's hand after that.

I've discovered that though love should always be shown and expressed everyday in our lives, sometimes making the other partner feel remembered on these special occasions makes them think you're trying to give the best you can eventhough your actions may not be as exaggerated as some. It shows that you don't want us to look at another girl or family with envy or sadness that no one is doing this for you, and there you are doing the best you can :)

Jacqkie @ Jacqueline Rowena


Mei Yan said…
omg... the orange thingy is delicious you know?

try it next time.. hehe...
Jacqkie! said…
hehehe, I don't knowlah. Probably braven myself up next time. :)
vvens said…
the orange thingy right, its prawn's egg. bigger by 5-7 times one is fish egg. weh must eat. imagine if you eat one prawn, its not cheap but now you can eat ALOT of prawns with the same price. LOL.
Jacqkie! said…
vvens: OMG. Sadistic!

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