Charity, Accessories and Selling

This might come out really random, but as I was packing up just now I discovered I have TOO MANY ACCESSORIES! It's like I'm in Alcoholics Anonymous or something finally confessing my addiction.

I think I can feel the Alleluias resonated from each corners of the earth when I say that we can never have enough accessories! True?

However, I watched Oprah that day, the proffesional organizer advised that when you buy new things its time to give away other old things to avoid clutters, it was like a lightbulb moment for me, so I was like 'Ohkay!'. Plus, I need to minimise my items/ baggage when I'm unpacking from PJ. I'm giving away a wee bit of my collection to family and friends since second hand accessories wouldn't sound too attractive, right? Plus, alot of e-shops and '3 for RM10' stalls already.

Oh well.

Accessories that were given to me will never be given away, of course because of sentimental values. Also strangely but true, the gifts that we usually get are sometimes more gorgeous than our usual preferences! Like, seriously! Anyone interested & not shy of me do let me know okay? I really don't care who you are, so long as we can ease each other's burden!

Jacqkieseconds hasn't been updated much just yet, but the gorgeous NikonCamera Bag is still up for sale! All backed out, so please spread the word for those who are looking for camera bags! I have it and its around 7times less its original price! Packing is a hassle, choosing what to donate, giveaway and sell is a whooooolllleeeee new level! I hate it when I have the 'erm should I, or should I' not moments. Cripes!

Ah, I've emailed an ngo to donate my clothes but still no reply :(

Last but not least, I'M GOING FOR JASON MRAZ!!!!!!!!!!!*panting*

**I love him so much, he's the only celebrity that's a Label itself in my blog! :D

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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