Anyone else out there still watching this?

I love the idiotbox.

I also just realised that I'm prone to like rockish voice too much, after following this season's American Idol (I know, like no one cares what season is it now or who's even still watching it, right).

Regardless, I have this knack of watching American Idol's episodes "accidentally". I usually watch the auditions for amusement but I ended up liking this particular paticipant.

Like how I accidentally like; Chris Daughtry (he's still awesome, just overplayed & commercialised) and David Cook(I love his Always be My Baby) and Bo Bice and Blake Lewis (beatboxer, remember?). And oh, I ask myself too why I'm prone to be fans of the gents in this show, and realised the ladies are too sappy and ballad-full it gets too boring. Hmph.

So, anyone in America reading this, vote for him I wanna see him perform! Voice gila best!

Danny Gokey! (doesn't he resemble Robert Downey Jr abit?)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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