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Jotting Moments & Academy Awards

Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love was featured in Oprah a couple of weeks back talking about the book; and she suggested to all the lost souls out there to try jotting down their best moments of the day every night before they sleep.

So I tried, and discovered this practice is more effective than I thought it would be, you know people being selective of their best moments and all. But, I was impartial throughout the flash-backs and here's what I wrote (without dates just to compare which are the ones I loved the most):

1. Kissing Daren & playing/ being tickled by him
2. Looking food for Daren & taking care of him when he wasn't feeling well
3. Cooking vegetables soup
4. Cleaning the house
5. Talking to Mum & Ika

It tells me that I'm more domestic than I would admit or thought I am. Though I refuse to believe so, or thinks I'm not so much until proven so- this list actually makes me understand more of myself! :)

Next up is Academy Awards & the …

Two (2) Jason Mraz Tickets![SOLD]

I won two (2) Jason Mraz tickets yesterday from Hitz.FM, and I was all over the radio singing I'm Yours - good grief, the things I do for Jason Mraz!

Point is, I bought two tickets few weeks back worth RM68, and I'm selling it off now! Whoever finds difficulty buying the tickets online or for any other reasons, get it from me instead for the exact same price I bought, no monkey business :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I hope he'll win tomorrow

I feel so pampered.

As long as I make unhappy faces, eventhough I'm just plain tired, Daren would do crazy things just to make me happy. Seriously! Like when he bailed on me just now for dinner to send his brother; he came back after that with my favourite Ramly Burger to make me smile again! His house is at least 10-15 minutes drive (highway) to my house. I personally think it's quite a journey for just a burger & 10 minutes chat. He's such a sweetheart! I thanked him endlessly, making sure he knows how much I feel blessed and thankful to have someone like him in my life. Love you, you impulsive boyfriend.

Anyhoo, I went to Section 14 today to get myself some facial scrubber and lunch. Some of you might know that I'm trying to do abit of my part for the environment. Things like not accepting plastic bags whenever can & recycling stuffs are the basic ones. The thing about this is that you'd automatically accept plastic bags when you buy things right, but when…

Full, Happy, Fatty

We're not those couple that would really go blast on valentines, nevertheless we do hang out whenever that loveday comes along. We try to minimise our spending, and discourage each other from joining in any over-commercialised valentine affairs bandwagon. Of course, sometimes Daren would breach off contract. Like giving me a gift two days before anything else, and I'm always the one surprised and touched. DAMN IT.

So we went to Sakae Sushi instead, and frankly I think it's only my 3rd time eating Japanese food in a restaurant; my friends introduced me to this place few weeks back (I know kesian kan, like never go out lidat) and I didn't get to try alot during my last visit so I've decided to come here again today.

Daren and I are like freaks of nature, we took all those that looks interesting and it was so obvious that we're not sushi people! Plates piling everywhere and all! Haha, goodness. We had so much fun trying all the sushis :) I couldn't take the oran…

One year, really??!?!!

Audrey sweetheart's departure is like a realisation that soon enough, everyone will part their ways whether we want to accept it or not. And when she say, see you in a year; there's this uncertainty clouding in and I can't keep but wonder - where will I be then?

Will I,

a) Work in KL and others head back home, or just too busy?
b) Work in KK, settle down, and college sweethearts aren't there?
c) Work in Aussie, and college sweethearts aren't there too?

Some industries acknowledge that 21years old is too young. In fact, most industries like Architecture & Medicine have graduates that are at least a couple of years my senior. But that's the age where I have to work hard already.

Knowing that by the end of this year, I'm required to look for jobs based on my abilities and skills, competing head-on with other graduates to survive, worries me. It's not the fact that I'm not ready to work, it felt like I'm not ready to leave the best years of my life,…


Not much of trash talking, just a very, very brief one!

1. Jacqkieseconds is updated! :)
2. I'm still so determined, it gets really depressing & annoying!
3. I am so looking forward to Jason Mraz's concert, and even thinking of stalking him in the airport, any followers?
4. I am so excited, also sad for Audrey's departure :"(

"You are the queen and king combining everything,
Intertwining like a ring, around the finger, of a girl.
I'm just a singer, you're the world,
All I can bring you, is the language of a lover. Bella Luna, Mraz

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Read & Leave

Listening to - Kanye West Love Lockdown

Currently, I have 3 things on my mind:

1. Jason Mraz
2. Jason Mraz's concert
3. Sweets' deadly fiery jealousy of my much attention to Jason Mraz!

Sweets: Why can't you show this much excitement when it comes to me, like for Jason Mraz?!?! Eeeeesssssh! *frowns*

Omg, but you gotta love this baby. He's been like the sweetest creature I've ever met on earth! Whenever he's angry he keeps quiet, just like a little girl. When he's jealous just like in this situation, he makes what I call the 'babun' face or the long face in English, and widens his eyes for attention. Super cute! Courtesy of Denise's picture :)

That aside, it's time for real writing.

I'm diverting my attention to a couple of few things; a) I will only let you know when it finally happen, and b) sweets' football tournament. After missing lots of matches, I finally decided to watch sweets in his tournament this Friday. Before you give me the cra…

Anyone else out there still watching this?

I love the idiotbox.

I also just realised that I'm prone to like rockish voice too much, after following this season's American Idol (I know, like no one cares what season is it now or who's even still watching it, right).
Regardless, I have this knack of watching American Idol's episodes "accidentally". I usually watch the auditions for amusement but I ended up liking this particular paticipant.
Like how I accidentally like; Chris Daughtry (he's still awesome, just overplayed & commercialised) and David Cook(I love his Always be My Baby) and Bo Bice and Blake Lewis (beatboxer, remember?). And oh, I ask myself too why I'm prone to be fans of the gents in this show, and realised the ladies are too sappy and ballad-full it gets too boring. Hmph.
So, anyone in America reading this, vote for him I wanna see him perform! Voice gila best!

Danny Gokey!(doesn't he resemble Robert Downey Jr abit?)
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Charity, Accessories and Selling

This might come out really random, but as I was packing up just now I discovered I have TOO MANY ACCESSORIES! It's like I'm in Alcoholics Anonymous or something finally confessing my addiction.

I think I can feel the Alleluias resonated from each corners of the earth when I say that we can never have enough accessories! True?

However, I watched Oprah that day, the proffesional organizer advised that when you buy new things its time to give away other old things to avoid clutters, it was like a lightbulb moment for me, so I was like 'Ohkay!'. Plus, I need to minimise my items/ baggage when I'm unpacking from PJ. I'm giving away a wee bit of my collection to family and friends since second hand accessories wouldn't sound too attractive, right? Plus, alot of e-shops and '3 for RM10' stalls already.
Oh well. Accessories that were given to me will never be given away, of course because of sentimental values. Also strangely but true, the gifts that we usuall…

You Make it Real

Listening to James Morrison - You Make it Real

I'm sorry for privatizing my blog the other day. There was a turn of events, and I'm taking full responsibility for everything I wrote. Basically, few people I've talked about in my previous angry post confronted me, and I told them what I thought they needed to know.

I don't know whether these relationships will fail, but I'm determined to move on. To not look back, that mistakes or confrontations happen for a reason. I'm putting my head up high, and surround myself with positive energies. I don't want to fight fire with fire.

With that said, I had a great time during some open houses I went this year, not because of the many angpaus I got (but really, gottttt ;P), but because of the love I received and gave. I never wanted any of the things happened; happened, but it did - and I'm now happier than ever. Most of it is also because of daren. He has been completely honest, strong and positive to me that it make…