Starting the year with sickness

I'm sick, slept the whole day today, skipped lunch, and I'm burning up all over. I don't know whether this is homesick already, but I do feel sad when I reach KL.

Thankfully, also miraculously I got a little better when sweets came to my house today to see me. It's quite strange, though I always knew and experienced myself that laughter is the best medicine. He made me laugh, giggled and cuddled-up I think I forgot about the sickness.

I'm currently looking for a part-time job as mentioned in Facebook. I hope we'll do well in the job interview tomorrow. I don't like wasting my time at home watching TV, or staring at the four walls. I need to do something, and since Australia would be costly I need to earn money and cut down on spending. I need to change my lifestyle as well, and make sure I'm everywhere, anywhere until I start working.

I need to focus on my studies as well, make sure I'm doing it better this time. To manage time better, and to have good rest in between. To eat healthier food, and try avoiding alcohol. Though I've done quite good last time, this year it has to be better. To start working by the end of this year, and to start drawing up my future.

Since I'll be 21 this year, it also means that my sister will be 17 this year, and that mummy's reaching for retirement soon. So I need to be intelligent in what I do, to give whats best for mummy and making sure my sister will be enrolled in a good uni. Hopefully, when my brother starts earning already, life for mummy will be easier.

Wow, I'm talking big already, and I'm not even earning yet.

Which brings me to my new year's resolutions. I know most of you have given up on new year's resolutions, frankly I don't even remember what was mine last year's but I do this because it's my tradition in doing good (for at least the first 2 months).
  • Maintain/ improve my relationships with sweetheart and my family.
  • Improve my Degree results.
  • Start earning more money!
  • Eat, live and love healthy.
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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